Uptown Starbucks renovated (again)

Starbucks has the dough to keep on renovating!

Starbucks is one amazingly profitable corporation! It seems that every five years they perform a costly renovation to almost all their locations! This happened uptown a few weeks back (we didn’t notice because we broke the Starbucks habit a couple years ago).

So even without our $5 grand a year, they still have plenty of cash to upgrade. Not that anything was wrong with the space before. Now it wraps around a bit, has a little bar area, some upscale backsplashes and not much else in terms of functionality.

Perhaps more people will think about these cushy appointments as they repeatedly drop $10 or $20 a day?

Uptown Starbucks Renovated Hoboken NJ 1 - Uptown Starbucks renovated (again)

Uptown Starbucks Renovated Hoboken NJ 2 - Uptown Starbucks renovated (again)

All that for eggs?

9/23/2009 Update:

Well, the corporate coffee giant completed their renovation of the Uptown Starbucks this week. While I favor local small businesses, Starbucks does come in handy when you need a caffeine boost. Here are my initial reactions and observations during the 5 minutes I spent inside yesterday:

  • Eggs. It seems they totally renovated the place just to make room for a tiny convection oven to cook these new egg sandwiches they offer. Employees actually raved about them. Have you tried one yet?
  • There is significantly less room near the counter area. Even stroller moms complained about not having room for the baby SUV’s.
  • Prices remained the same. That’s good, at least.
  • There’s this wacky “community table” in the front. I’m wondering if this will actually promote neighborly interaction and conversation – or make it even more awkward to ignore everyone else while you obsess with your iPod or laptop.

It’s time for coffee everyone!

Hoboken Starbucks uptown “renovates”


If you’re a coffeeholic like me, you may have noticed that the Uptown Starbucks has been closing early this week (6pm) – for “renovations.”

uptown hoboken starbucks renovation september 14 through 17 2009 - Uptown Starbucks renovated (again)

Total Overhaul on the way!

Well – next week, you’re going to have to find another coffee shop, as they will be closed completely Monday, September 14th through Thursday, September 17th. When they open up again on Friday, September 18th – you won’t even recognize it. New interior, new food products, and hopefully a better layout than they currently have. Whenever I go, I usually have to dodge the myriad of strollers and other walkway impediments.

Maybe Ganache Cafe can stay open LATER that week? Might serve them well for the caffeine junkies.

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so no more free coffee at turning point?


I haven’t been in since renovation. I will miss that fireplace. I loved it. It was such a great feature.


They got rid of the fireplace that used to be there.

They also moved the merchandise that used to be opposite the counter to a wall closer to employees. Maybe too much stuff was being swiped?


that’s a very appropriate description of society these days: “…promote neighborly interaction and conversation – or make it even more awkward to ignore everyone else while you obsess with your iPod or laptop.” god forbid people actually come out of their narciscistic cocoons (as they update their facebook “status) to say, “just got a starbucks” or some other inane comment). i give credit to starbucks for trying this different sort of set-up; good for them. if people want to isolate themselves, so be it, but at least this place is trying to fix that unfortunate trend.