The week gets a bit rainy


A Hoboken411 weather nugget for ya…

Maybe – Maybe Not

Not going to go into details here – but there’s some mini-tropical system plugging along off the Carolina coast this week (sort of “stuck” because of a high pressure system coming from the north.)

Frankly, I have no idea (nor do the forecasters) – of exactly how much rain will fall in the Hoboken area through the end of the week.

But just keep in mind, depending on where this system goes, we may or may not be in for some decent amount of rain (which is continually subject to change). Just figured I’d throw this out there for you to be aware. Stay dry – and save your good outfits for a sunny day!


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All weather people are usually 50-50 on predictions. If they’re right, I will kayak to the path and if wrong i’ll have to walk