Clinton Social {renovating}

Clinton Social in Hoboken updating, changing

For whatever it is worth, the Clinton Social in Hoboken was always a nice place. Nothing to complain about.

However, they got socked by Hurricane Sandy (taking many months to re-open), and never quite got back to the level prior to the storm.

So owner Dave Carney has decided to try and wipe the slate clean with a fresh start. And that fresh start includes a complete renovation of the establishment, as well as bringing on a day to day management team from Jack’s Cabin.

Hopefully with the “refresh,” things can be more prosperous again. Good luck!

clinton social renovations hoboken nj March 2016

Description: Bar / restaurant under renovation
Address: 700 Clinton St., Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: 201-239-0063

Clinton Social to reopen in Hoboken after Hurricane Sandy

2/26/2013 Update:

Great! Nice to see Clinton Social getting set to reopen after getting pounded after Hurricane Sandy back in October 2012.

They’ll be opening in limited fashion for Hoboken Leprecon this Saturday, March 2nd – cash bar with free buffet with corned beef and cabbage.

The bar will also be open on Sunday (no food), with the official full-service operations set to resume on Wednesday, March 6th!

Welcome back, Clinton Social!

Clinton Social Hoboken NJ open Leprecon St. Patricks

Clinton Social an immediate success in Hoboken!

5/30/2009 Update:

Swung by the Clinton Social last night to check it out. The new bar/restaurant already seems to be a winner! Owner Dave Carney did a fantastic job, and had a very capable and professional staff. I even got to sample their homemade fried Mozzarella, which was out of this world!

See Clinton Social Menu here.

Long Overdue: Clinton Social Opens Tonight!

5/29/2009 Update:

Guess what? Clinton Social opens up tonight at 6pm!

Clinton Social opens this month!


Had a chance to swing by the “Clinton Social” (7th and Clinton) this week to take some pictures and speak with owner Dave Carney.

First thing you’ll notice is, that they’ve dropped the word “club” from the name of the bar/restaurant. “Didn’t want to give customers the wrong idea,” said Managing Partner Mike Gondevas. They gave me a whole tour of the place, and was quite impressed. Because of the A&P parking lot on the south side of the building – a tremendous amount of light was allowed in, making it one of the brighter places in town. The establishment is broken down into two sides – the bar area on the east side, and a dining room on the west – with the kitchen dividing the two.

The layout is very well done – a large, natural wood bar with rounded corners stood out right away. “It’s like a 4-top on each side,” Carney said. The dining area in the back while quite large, seemed to be a bit more intimate. Rounding out the features: Modern bathrooms (men’s, women’s and a handicapped w/ baby changing station), typical tap beers – plus seven flat panel HDTV’s (DirecTV Sunday Ticket too).

They plan outdoor seating, and additional tables in the front as well. The menu will be “Continental American with an Italian touch” as well as some chops in the future. Just like the Madison Bar, they will feature some “social days” (i.e., Thursdays), with an early happy hour and specials.

Carney is hoping for “quality clientele” – and when I asked exactly what demographic that was, he replied “your readers!”

I received conflicting dates when they expect to open – but it should be somewhere between the middle to end of April.

Clinton Social to give area residents more options

3/19/2009 Update:

Some updated progress photos. The interior seems to be coming along nice – and hopefully will open up in the next month or so.

Portofino’s becomes Clinton Social in Hoboken, NJ

6/15/2008 Update:

The old Portofino has a new name… “Clinton Social Club.”

Should be opening up in September or October 2008.


Construction has been picking up the pace over at the new restaurant at 700 Clinton St.


11/01/2006 10:00PM Update:
Silly me, l guess I never cared to look into things. Not sure about you, but I didn’t know that the Madison was also owned by Steve Cappiello AS WELL as Mayor Roberts. I suppose I never paid attention or cared. But there you have it. And yes, it’s the same former Mayor.


The dumpster is in place and interior demolition has begun at the old Portofino location, where The Jefferson (i.e., The Clinton) is rumored to be soon calling home.

Search the Tax records for some interesting data regarding the sale. It’s listed as owned by Steve Cappiello. Is this the same Steve Cappiello who was former Hoboken Mayor from 1973-1985? He lost in 1985 to Thomas Vezzetti the “Wackiest Mayor in America” according to the NY Daily News (story from the Reporter).

Here’s some links:


So rumor on the street now is that Dave Carney (owner of Madison) has purchased the old Portofino building and will be shifting The Jefferson (or similar) to that location.

If that’s the case, how do you feel about it?


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Wednesday, February 27, 2013 11:37 am

GREAT to hear they are reopening! We’ve definitely missed going!

Saturday, January 9, 2010 2:02 pm

The short ribs at Clinton Social (don’t remember if they’re on the menu or if it was a special the night I went) were OFF DA HOOK!

Saturday, January 9, 2010 1:43 pm

I hadn’t been to Clinton Social in awhile (too expensive), but a friend invited me to dinner this past Friday night. The place was jumping, we sat in the bar area and i thought the service was terrific – both bartenders were totally cool and friendly. We got the fried mozzarella appetizer. It came literally 60 seconds after we ordered, so obviously it had been sitting there, and yes, it arrived lukewarm at best. But still – pretty amazing, a great version of this all-time favorite app. For mains, we split the pastrami sandwich, steak frites and mac n cheese. The sandwich was very good, plenty of meat, tender and stacked high. The steak was cooked perfectly and seasoned well. The mac n cheese was a little too goopy – sort of looked like kraft or velveeta – you know – the kind of cheese that hardens quickly. But overall – pretty solid. FYI – some of the best mac n cheese i have ever had is from Amelia’s Bistro in JC.

Thursday, August 6, 2009 1:32 pm

I think the place is great and perhaps even worth the endless wait. The waitresses for the most part seem to be rather fetching as well.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009 4:35 pm

My boyfriend and I came her on Monday night for the start of Restaurant Week. They are offering a 3-Course meal for $25 (not including tip, tax and beverage). First I will start with the food. We both got the watermelon and goat cheese salad to start. The salad was refreshing with the watermelon, however there was way too much salad dressing on it, and that definitley was not goat cheese. It was more like brie. I am a huge lover of both cheeses, but if you tell me I am getting goat cheese then that is what I expect. They also only put 2 small pieces of the cheese in the salad. 2nd course I got the fried mozz. This was very good. It also came with oven roasted tomatoes and it was all really good together. My boyfriend got the stacked eggplant. We both agreed it was not good. The eggplant was very bitter and had a funny taste. For 3rd course I got the M&M which is meatloaf, mozz, gravy on toasted italian bread. It was ok, definitely nothing special. The meatloaf was not very flavorful and it needed more gravy. There also was too much bread compared to the size of the meatloaf. The fries it came with were very good though. My boyfriend had the fish n’ chips. They gave him one piece of fish which I thought was strange for fish n’ chips and it wasnt even a big piece. He thought it was… Read more »

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