Hoboken’s Federer Look-alike!


Did you know that Hoboken has a Roger Federer stunt double living within our borders?

The NY Post did a story about Darren Cellemme yesterday. Brilliant!

“Roger and Me”

On the court, Darren Cellemme is no match for Roger Federer. But when he serves drinks behind the bar at Charley O’s, the aspiring actor is a dead ringer for the No. 1 player in the world.

When he first was mistaken for the Swiss star, he said he got a kick out of it. However, every year during the US Open, when his counterpart’s face is plastered all over town, Cellemme says he reaches his double breaking point.

“I’m an actor, and at first I thought it was comical,” Cellemme, 38, told The Post. “But I want to create my own path and have my own career — I worry about being typecast.”

Bearing such a close resemblance to the man some contend is the greatest tennis player ever could have its advantages, although Cellemme said he has been careful never to misrepresent himself.

“It’s a double-edged sword,” the Hoboken, NJ, resident said. “It’s fun to experience that kind of fame, but I am an actor and I want to do my own thing.”

It doesn’t help that he works at a sports bar and frequently dresses in “sporty clothes.”

An athlete himself, Cellemme plays football and is a karate black belt, but admits, “I’ve never played tennis.”

When he attended a Mets game last season at Shea Stadium, just days after Federer won the US Open, Cellemme said throngs of fans mobbed him and “the usher even asked for my autograph.”

“I’ll bet you $2,000 that’s not Federer,” one fan shouted.

“I’ll take that bet,” another chimed in.

At this point, a man identifying himself as “the right-hand man” to Mets owner Fred Wilpon shook his hand.

“They called up the owners of the seats we were sitting in to ask why they hadn’t told the team Federer was going to be attending the game,” Cellemme said.

Even after he cleared up the confusion with the Mets, crowds of autograph-seekers forced him to run for the exits.

Cellemme may still have a shot at profiting from his doppelganger.

Steve Pratt, a PR guy for the United States Tennis Association spotted him behind the bar last Friday night and said, “Do you know who you look like?”

“Don’t tell me. Roger Federer? I get it every day,” Cellemme replied.

The US Open is considering having him walk the grounds, he said.

Despite the complications, Cellemme has no hard feelings.

“I hope Federer wins,” he said. “I respect him a lot.”

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like jc5201, i too know what it is like, everyone says im a dead ringer for george clooney


Wow, that’s pretty close, even the hair line. Imagine him challenging people to a match at the tennis courts north of the Hoboken High School.


I feel his pain. People think I’m a dead-ringer for Brad Pitt. It’s so annoying!