Craptastic Hoboken Pot Holes


Hoboken roads might be the worst kept surfaces in any city I’ve driven through…


Hoboken Frankenstein Pot Hole Repair

Hoboken411 reader Brian has some complaints about them today:

“While walking the dogs Wed night I ran into yet another of Hoboken’s Frankensteinian pot hole repair specials, this one at the south east corner of 9th and Bloomfield. Not so safe this one considering it is in the corner at the sewer and cross walk, can’t be safe for cyclists and drunks at night. Do we not have asphalt for a proper repair? Where is all the extra tax money going that we have paid since December 2008?

Additionally, I went out on pot hole patrol, found the road repair crew on either Garden or Park between 11th and 12th. Seems that a crew must have driven around the upper # blocks 7-11 on Bloomfield, Park, Garden and Willow. I see some poor excuses for patch work and did however come up on this new one on 9th in front of Cornerstone Pets (Bloomfield and Washington.)

I bike all around town and these are death traps. Just not sure which is worse, these or the new sink holes around town?”


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Other examples: Look at the road repair they made in front of Johnny Rockets yesterday. They literally are trying to make a curb out of asphalt. Bad science. I stepped in a similar repair yesterday by 2nd and Hudson and it literally wasn’t tamped down at all. Almost lost my balance. It was like stepping in a bowl of oily licorice jelly beans.