People Clothing Store – Doomed

People doomed at 732 Washington in Hoboken, NJ

Amazing that People, the “el cheapo” ladies clothing store at 732 Washington Street lasted over four years!

It was only a matter of time before they fizzled out. Selling stuff for $10 and $20 isn’t going to stuff much money in your bank account. And it seems they took the rest of the petty cash account and spent it on loud spray paint to announce to the world that they are “No Mas,” (Spanish for “no more.”)

Sad part is that things must have been going pretty bad if they didn’t want to hold out at least till the end of the busy shopping season.

People doomed hoboken NJ - People Clothing Store - Doomed

People “Clothing for women” Any reviews?

10/1/2009 Update:

In case you don’t walk, or never make it past 6th Street – the newest ladies clothing store People quietly opened up at 732 Washington Street about a week ago.

Since I only like women’s clothing – on women – I have no idea what this stuff is, or whether it’s received a warm reception in Hoboken.

Have any female readers checked the store out yet? What are your thoughts?

people ladies clothing hoboken nj interior 1 - People Clothing Store - Doomed

People – Coming soon to 732 Washington St. in Hoboken

9/10/2009 Update:

Swung by the upcoming People clothing store (732 Washington) the other day to sneak a peek – and asked construction workers when it’d be done, etc. – they had no idea because “we not boss.” However, they did suspect that this shop will be exclusively ladies clothing.

Guys have such limited choices in Hoboken…

hoboken people ladies clothing store - People Clothing Store - Doomed

Empty Spot Filled at 732 Washington

9/3/2009 Update:

Taking the place of the previously doomed Ameritel T-Mobile Cell store at 732 Washington Street is a shop called “People.”

Judging from the construction permit, which mentioned “dressing rooms,” one would be led to believe it’s some kind of clothing store. Do you know anything about it?

hoboken clothing store people at 732 washington street - People Clothing Store - Doomed

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I stopped in there on my way home Friday night. They had just opened. I like the clothes. The prices are good. I’ll do some shopping when I pay my rent,maintenance,mortgage etc.


I went in there last Friday night. It was great, they’re open later than most stores in Hoboken. The clothing was fabulous and well priced (I bought a cute shirt for $36). The staff is amazing, Katie the salesgirl was great, my roommate and I kept talking about what a great experience we had. We will both definitely be back, especially since it’s one of the close stores for uptown residents, who normally get the short end of the stick with regards to retail therapy.

In response to pawzclawz who said:

I stopped in there on my way home Friday night. They had just opened. I like the clothes. The prices are good. I’ll do some shopping when I pay my rent,maintenance,mortgage etc.


let me guess:

– store opens
– they sell overpriced stuff you can buy at the mall for half the price
– some people claim that you should support local businesses
– others claim you should do proper market research before blindly opening the same type of store that commonly fails in hoboken
– one year later, they close up shop

rinse. repeat.


People…is made of….PEOPLE!