Dino Sandwich Cafe update

3/12/2010 Update / Review:

Note: Updated menu with some revisions plus “international sandwiches!”

Consistently good!

Have you tried Dino Sandwich Cafe at 614 Washington yet?

I stopped by shortly after they opened a few weeks ago, and I’m curiously impressed with what they’re doing over there. From the incredibly organized and labeled shelves, utensils and walls – to the interesting bread, pastries and most of all – delicious bacon!

Dino Sandwich Cafe Menu (Updated March 2010)

Since my first visit, I must have had at least 15 sandwiches. Here’s a quick bullet point first impression:

  • Bacon. Like I said already, the bacon is tasty, and they give a decent portion (specifically on the BLT)
  • Consistent. The sandwiches are always stuffed “just right.” Never felt like I got ripped off.
  • Unique Bread. These “dutch” rolls have some kind of crispy rice coating. You can’t find this anywhere else in Hoboken.
  • Great egg sandwiches. Haven’t tried the “omelet” version yet, but the standard Bacon, Egg & Cheese was super. You can up-size from the round roll to the longer dutch roll for $0.50 extra.
  • Panini sandwiches. You might feel that they’re a bit “small” for the money, but they have a fair amount of meat, and the bread was great (they sell them in mini loaves up front – 5 or 6 slices).
  • Free beverages with all sandwiches. You get a free coffee during breakfast, and a free can of soda or water with all lunch sandwiches. Helps lessen the sting of a $7.25 sandwich.
  • Great pastries. They get them from a bakery in Fort Lee.
  • Soups not bad. Liked the Chili soup, but was a bit heavy on the beans. The Chicken noodle was very basic, but was mostly broth. Hard to screw up soup (unless you charge an arm and a leg like the doomed Soup Man.)
  • Other notables: The grilled chicken sandwich with greek sauce was a hit, as well as the “apple slaw” (Asian version of Cole Slaw). Coffee was halfway decent as well.
  • Still to try: The Salads and the wraps.
  • Gone: The “TV Dinners” they originally had have been discontinued due to lack of interest. Perhaps if they called them “iTunes Dinners” or “Facebook Dinners” people would have ordered them.

Sometime you just like an establishment – and cannot exactly put your finger on it. I’m not sure if it’s the visual menu, the ADD / OCD organization, the labeling of everything, the fancy pearl-white touch-screen cash register, or what.

All I know is that I’m happy each time I order from Dino – and that keeps me coming back. The owner is a very nice guy as well.

PS – they told me it’s not pronounced “Dino” (as in Dino from the Flinstone’s), but rather “Dino” as in (Dino in Dinosaur). After they said that, I came up with their marketing slogan in case they ever make a commercial. “Hey honey, what’s for dinner? I know – Dino!”

Alternate Review: One student from Stevens Institute also reviewed Dino, but gave it a less than stellar review, based on value and the relative average taste they had. They didn’t try many items from the menu like 411 (or the bacon!)


1/8/2010 Update:

A Hoboken sandwich update for you this Friday morning! (and a menu for you to peruse!)

Dino Sandwich Cafe Opening Monday, January 11th!

OK – this “much awaited” sandwich shop is planning on opening this Monday, January 11th (for breakfast, in fact!) Here’s some additional tidbits about the new to-go establishment:

  • Dino will serve over 100 different sandwiches and meals – for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Dinner includes the old-school term “TV Dinners” and are packaged as such. Is that a Hoboken first?
  • As a correction to a previous update – the tenants are actually Korean – not Greek. My bad. The landlord is the Greek one. (For those playing the “guess the Hoboken Business Owner Nationality” Board game can adjust their pieces accordingly – sorry!)
  • The owners seem to be on an Sandwich Domination Quest – as they already have plans to open a similar shop in Manhattan in six months!

Dino Sandwich Cafe Menu!

That’s it for now – oh, and check out the Dino Sandwich Cafe Menu HERE! What do you think of their offerings and prices?

12/29/2009 Update:

Any Dino Day Now!

Just a quick update about the Dino Sandwich Cafe (614 Washington Street) which is getting closer to opening.

The interior is practically done, beverages being delivered – so we should be able to taste their offerings any day now (provided they got their C.O. and no one at City Hall is on “Vacation.”)

My original suspicions were correct – word on the street is that the owners are not from this country, but are Greek (as well as the landlord). I’m sure where they’re from doesn’t matter to anyone, provided they serve a good sandwich at a fair price. Was a bit nervous about the signage, but maybe that’s a new trend, who knows. Regardless, I’ll try them once or twice once they open – but there are so many excellent sandwich options already in Hoboken – so it’ll be a tough market to break into.

Dino Sandwich Cafe Hoboken NJ interior - Dino Sandwich Cafe update


Next to pizza (which is unbeatable) – Sandwiches may very well be the best possible “food group” out there, because you can put anything in one!

dino sandwich cafe hoboken nj - Dino Sandwich Cafe update

Dino Sandwich Cafe moving in!

Replacing the doomed Jubilee Shoes at 614 Washington Street will be Dino’s Sandwich Cafe. Not sure exactly when they’re opening – as this was a “drive by” photo shoot – but hopefully soon, so we can all review them!

One curious thing though, I’m wondering who the owners are – because the sandwich menu posted looks awfully familiar, like something I’d see in NYC – and a lot of “S’s” are left off the words. Wrap. Cold-Cut. Salad. Perhaps they’re not from America?

Description: New sandwich shop coming soon
Address: 614 Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: 201-420-8555 Fax: 201-420-8835
Web: TBD

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Sunday, March 14, 2010 11:23 am

Thank you Homeworld. That is what blogs are for. Midtownauthentic is still upset that I asked a question on a blog. He would rather me bother the workers at Dino’s. Calls me lazy. Yes, very lazy, especially when I run my marathons. That is some logic, ask a question on a blog and get called lazy. There are words for people like midtownauthentic, but I will keep this PG rated.

Saturday, March 13, 2010 10:03 pm

LOVE the strawberry & feta salad, and the shiitake mushroom soup is pretty good too!

Saturday, March 13, 2010 12:17 pm

Do they deliver and is there seating inside to sit and eat. Also, the menu looks good but on the updated menu, TV dinners are still there but the story says the TV dinners are discontinued. Finally, how are those chicken and stuffing sandwiches?

Reply to  HobokenLifer
Sunday, March 14, 2010 10:52 am

Yes, they have free delivery; $2 if outside of Hoboken. And they have about 5 or 6 small tables.

In response to HobokenLifer who said:

“Maybe Trying Calling them”, is that English midtownauthentic? Instead of trying to be a wise ass with your terrible use of the english language, you could have kept quiet, or let one of the 60 commenters about the place answer my questions. I am sure a Dino’s sandwich shop has the time and wants to answer my questions over the phone instaed of helping customers or answering orders. These segments about restaurants are for people to exchange information about places that they have been to. If you got that upset with me asking 3 questions, you must be a lonely, angry person, sitting by yourself in the dark. JERK!

Friday, March 12, 2010 6:46 pm

should I be concerned that they spelled “knives” wrong? =)

Reply to  clinton81
Friday, March 12, 2010 7:05 pm

fork it!

In response to clinton81 who said:

should I be concerned that they spelled “knives” wrong? =)

Thursday, March 11, 2010 9:48 am

Stopped in the other night (Monday – Park & 6th was closed) and picked up a couple of sandwiches. Both were great: solid ingredients (pastrami on the one, chicken curry on the other) and the bread was, as others have already pointed out, fantastic. A good value, too – I think the total was $12. Definitely worth checking out.

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