Hoboken Breakfast Nuggets – 9/2/2009


Sort of a new feature… maybe

Quite often, I have many little tidbits of information that might be interesting or useful to Hoboken411 readers. Some get posted, others may not be worthy of a dedicated story – and the rest just fall through the cracks and off the radar. So on days I have a little extra time – I’ll collect what I can and deliver them to you in the form of morning “breakfast nuggets.”

So what do we have this morning?

hoboken breakfast nuggets logo - Hoboken Breakfast Nuggets - 9/2/2009

Holiday Business Closures

Some small businesses in Hoboken close for vacation from time to time – ones I know about right now are Sweet Cupcakes (boo! through Labor Day), and Green Rock bar (till the 10th). Do you know of any others that have taken their summer vacation?

Links, Reader Suggestions and odd news

  • Incommunicado: Many of you knew about this – that popular Gmail was down for under two hours yesterday. I wasn’t affected because it still worked via POP and Blackberry. Did it bother you to be “out of touch?”
  • Odd Political Couple: One reader sent in this link about the Oddest Couple in Politics – and felt that it reminded him of something going on in Hoboken these days…
  • Will the recession affect our city coffers? Another reader sent this link from CNN saying that because of declining real estate values it may hurt Hoboken “Residents can expect cities to continue to cut municipal work forces, services and construction projects, while bumping up taxes and fees…”
  • Asleep on the job: Lastly – I received this link about how two “guards” at the George Washington Bridge were asleep on the job – and got fired. Way to go!


Today’s the Back to School Carnival at JFK Field (3pm) – and for those gearing up for another heart-thumping and exciting night at home – you might want to come back to Hoboken411 at 7pm to watch the Live City Council Meeting. However, if you check back later, I might have something even better for you to do!

Have a good day!

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009 1:19 pm

I just love “Breakfast Nuggets”. Nuggets is such a great word.

Speaking of nuggets, did you know that Panera is selling bagel nuggets? Found the Cinnamon Crunch flavor in Long Island this weekend and wonder if they’re being sold in Hoboken. They taste great, but the plastic containers they come in are such a waste…

Wednesday, September 2, 2009 8:39 am

That ‘odd political couple’ is a must-read.

Reply to  emarche
Wednesday, September 2, 2009 12:44 pm

Great line in that story:

“But I wasn’t totally naive. I’d done enough political reporting to know that the corruption of idealistic reformers is so common it’s practically inevitable.”

That City Hall Mayor and his Co-Mayor spouse too closely resemble our current situation in Hoboken. It’s beyond freaky.

In response to emarche who said:

That ‘odd political couple’ is a must-read.

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