QotD: Worried about the Swine Flu?

9/15/2009 Update:

Crazy talk, or real possibilities?

I stumbled across this video on YouTube – about what may happen this fall and winter regarding the H1N1 “Swine” flu. Not sure who this guy was, but the things he was saying didn’t make me feel too comfortable, if true. I mean forced vaccinations and being held against my will isn’t something I want to be part of whatsoever.



All over the news

novel-h1n1-swine-flu-virusIf you been online – or watched the news on TV over the past month (or just plain alive for that matter) – you know one of the top stories often includes this impending Novel H1N1 Swine Flu hysteria. You just can’t miss it.

  • States like Massachusetts have imposed jail sentences and fines for refusing to take a vaccine!
  • NYC said that 10% of the population was infected with the virus this past spring.
  • And even little ‘ole Hoboken has set up a “task force” of individuals from various agencies to serve as point to manage any massive emergency situations.

Hysteria or real threat?

While most of these reports from government entities and news agencies talk about all these scary things (run for your lives!) – most leave out the fact that apparently this flu isn’t much different that the *regular* flu that kills up to half a million people a year – other than it affects a different group of people.

Personally – I’m lucky. I don’t work in an office, don’t have kids – and don’t go around touching people. If there happens to be some kind of massive deadly outbreak or unknown strain variant – I’ll just avoid groups of people entirely! That would mean staying away from bars and restaurants (all those mouths and hands touching stuff – yuck!) as well as any and all public transportation.

QotD: Are you scared of the big bad H1N1 Swine Flu?

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I’d be in no rush to get the H1N1 vaccine right away, if ever. Odds are the first batch will make you sicker than the actual flu. My mother said she got the first round in 76′ and she was severely ill for weeks because of it.

On a side note, some jerk coughed in my face yesterday on the PATH. I don’t know what’s wrong with people? Bozo’s like that give slobs a good name.


and that’s when i hit close tab.

no king but jesus

c’mon dude


F’gawd sake, 411, this joker is standing in front of a big sign that says No King But Jesus and you’re trusting him as a source that the government is going to implement forced vaccinations? Right, and Obama is personally going to break down your door to make sure you get it. Dawn Zimmer is going to hold you down while he does it too. Come on, you’re a smart guy, you can do better than this.

Nonetheless, anyone would be a fool not to get a flu shot if there is a particularly strong strain in the air.


It’s the flu with a different name. Remember the 1976 fiasco.