Street lights and vandalism


Hoboken’s Department of Environmental Services is stepping up to the plate to help residents!

Should have bought an extended warranty

In case you were wondering about the increasing number of failing street lamps – the city is working with PSE&G to get them repaired.

Note to city: The lights at Elysian Park are all messed up once again. Please add to list!


Maybe it has something to do with it being darker?

Additionally, the city is recognizing that punks are vandalizing property in town (whether it’s graffiti, or physical damage) – and is willing to help with repairs. You should report any incident of vandalism to the Hoboken Police (201-420-2100).

Additionally, all street light problems and vandalism should also be reported to the Department of Environmental Services. You can contact Marie Yorio at 201-420-2049 or email her at

If you have any stories of success – please report back!

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