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Four L’s – Hoboken, NJ
FALL 2014 UPDATE: No more – now called Clarke’s (same phone number)

(updated photo taken September 2010)
Four Ls Hoboken NJ Bar Restaurant - Four L's

5/15/2007 Update:


Description – Bar & Restaurant serving beer & wine, pizza, appetizers, cheeses, steaks, pastas, and salad
Address – 208 Washington St, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone – 201-876-8500

four ls open interior 1 cs - Four L's

May 2007 Review (after eating FOUR separate times).

When you feel compelled to eat at or order food from a restaurant four times in the previous week, there has to be a good reason, right?

Four L’s has given me that reason, and I’m happy to simply tell you why. They want to “get it.” Still have some kinks work out, as well as certain menu “lowlights”, but they’re overall my current favorite in town.

For starters, their delivery is most likely the best in Hoboken (with the exception of certain Chinese places that ring your bell before you hang up). Each of the three times I’ve ordered, it was delivered in about 20 minutes. Exceptional service. Great on the phone, too.

Secondly, I happen to enjoy their pizza very much. Something about the consistency and the crust makes it a totally addictive experience. I’ve had tastes of SIX different pizzas, including one special. The best so far in my opinion, was the mini meatball topping. Second was the spicy sausage and onions. You may think it’s on the small side, and can possibly be compared to a “bar pie”, but I think it’s fairly priced at $10.95.

During my first visit there, I found our waitress to be perfectly acceptable, along with the rest of the staff. We ate outside and had no complaints.

Other highlights from the menu so far are:

  • The Calamari: While it appeared to be a small portion, the flavor was delicious. The onions underneath did add some sog factor, but it didn’t detract from the meal.
  • The Sienna Wings: I truly believe these are the most interesting and tasty wings in Hoboken. Not spicy like buffalo-style, but on their own, a wonderful creation involving olive oil, roasted garlic, lemon and white wine. Give them a try, I highly recommend them. Crispy and finger-lickin’-good.
  • Buffalo Chicken sandwich: Kind of pedestrian, with plain iceberg lettuce and jersey tomatoes on it. Not inspiring. However, the french fries are indeed my favorite in Hoboken at the moment. Sort of like McDonald’s, but better. Also VERY addictive. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!
  • Overheard: I asked one patron about the burger (with mozz and red peppers).. he waved his hand and said “eh, bland”. I also heard some so-so comments about the meatball crostinis (bread too hard) and the Tuscan Nachos.

Have yet to try an entree, pasta or salad yet, but some of them look interesting. Will give it a shot soon.

Everyone has their favorite style of pizza. Four L’s happens to be mine. I finally found a pizza I can consistently enjoy and eat without disappointment. From ordering, to delivery and to consumption, they rock. When I release the 411 “Official Seal of Approval”, they will be the first one to receive it. The one thing I’d like to see them improve with the pizza is to experiment with a little bit of extra seasoning on top of the pie. Similar to the way the defunct Melina’s pizza did. Some kind of light pepper and oregano, not sure. But that added tremendous extra flavor that goes a long way. You listening Four L’s?

Ok, I’ve laid my cards on the table. I’d be very interested to hear if others have had their food or delivery. That is part of the reason I ordered three times in six days. To make sure it wasn’t an accident. But the last time I ordered, and the guy on the phone even said “15-20 minutes”, and I knew that was their expectation to have great service.

Next on the list is to try some inside dining, and to rate the bar-staff, since some 411 readers indicated some sub-standard service.

Until next time!

Oh, here’s the menu for you to download.

And some pix from the meal. The outdoor seating, the pizza tower, and appetizers.

four ls hoboken outdoor seating - Four L's
four ls tower of pizza - Four L's
four ls calamari with lettuce hoboken 2 - Four L's
four ls hoboken sienna chicken wings - Four L's

2/27/2007 Update:

I swung by last night to check the place out. I found it to be rather nice inside. Good sound system, cool color-changing LED lighting (I’m a lighting fanatic), and the Guinness tasted good as I expected. They even have Peroni on tap! The manager Frank wanted to let the readers know that if you plan to spend some time there on St. Patrick’s Day, that included with the cover charge, they’ll be serving complimentary pizza all day.

See other updates and colorful pictures below.

four ls open interior 2 cs - Four L's
four ls open interior 3 - Four L's

2/26/2007 Update:

Opened a few days ago. Anyone try the place? I heard food may not be available until after St. Patty’s Day.

four ls sign cs - Four L's

2/14/2007 Update:

Had a quick minute to speak with the owner and manager of Four L’s yesterday. Before I say anything else, I’m excited to report that the restaurant will have “thin crust square pizzas” on the menu! Since pizza is flat out my favorite food, it’s great to have new choices in Hoboken (including the anticipated Napoli’s uptown).

The building process is naturally taking some time, as anyone (both business owner or resident) knows. Whether it’s building permits or furniture delivery, there are a plethora of things that can impede progress. However, the owner Vito indicated that he still hopes to be open by the end of the month, but understands that nothing is guaranteed.

The manager Frank had mentioned a few other features of Four L’s. From a diverse wine selection by both bottle or glass, to the seven plasma TV’s displaying things from current sporting events to timeless Frank Sinatra related imagery. A DJ is planned for the future, playing “classic” music (no hip hop or dance). Other items on the menu other than pizza include various Italian appetizers and cheese selections, steaks, pastas and salads. Seating is approximated to be 17 bar stools, along with six high-top tables along side, and regular tables in the front and rear. A limited-area delivery option is being considered as well.

I can’t wait to give it a try! Good luck Vito and Frank!

Here’s some more pictures of the progress. Will review next month once they’re open.

four l hoboken 2 cs - Four L's

four l hoboken 3 cs - Four L's

12/15/2006 Update:

It’s been over four months since the last update.

According to a worker on scene, “Four L’s” will be opening January 20th. The reader who reminded me of this wonders what each “L” stands for. Your guess is as good as mine. But at Three A’s, it’s the initial of each of his three daughters. So that’s a start.

Here’s a few pictures…

favia four ls interiorcs - Four L's
favia work four lscs - Four L's

Got a sneak peek into this joint a few days ago. Camera crapped out on me, but it’s apparently being converted into a two-floor bar/restaurant. The visible construction on the street level showed that they’ve begun building a moderate sized bar, plus clearing out the basement level as well.

Pix to follow later.


Description – Closed
Address – 208 Washington St, Hoboken, New Jersey ( NJ ) 07030-4709

favia%20lite - Four L's

favia%20lite%20contstruction%20permit - Four L's

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Thursday, May 7, 2009 9:59 am

I liked this place. The nacho appetizer was amazing. The hamburger was a bit gummy. The atmosphere was nice. Waitress was very nice. I’d go back.

strand tramp
strand tramp
Friday, January 23, 2009 1:28 pm

now there’s some substance…

Friday, January 23, 2009 11:59 am

[quote comment=”130289″]They also make a kick-ass burger – seriously, try it, you’ll be happy you did. Juicy goodness.[/quote]

I would, but my burger pimps over at Five Guys might slap me down.

Friday, January 23, 2009 11:54 am

They also make a kick-ass burger – seriously, try it, you’ll be happy you did. Juicy goodness.

Friday, January 23, 2009 11:26 am

[quote comment=”130260″]you are incredibly obtuse. it’s striking actually.[/quote]

::yawn:: Do you have anything of substance to say? Your act is getting boring.

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