Saturday Surfing – 8/29/2009



What’s going on this week?

It’s been a long while since I published a Saturday Surfing post – so what do I have for you this rainy start to the weekend?

More about Carlo’s…


Obama Worries…


  • One Hoboken411 reader send this link from CNET in – and might be worried about the general vagueness and ambiguity in this newly proposed bill that will give the U.S. Government “Emergency Control” over the internet. Do they leave it wide open so they can shut certain sites down, and crush our right for free speech?
  • The Post-American World. Another reader wonders why Obama is reading this book. Is that for real or a photoshopped picture?

Are we really “in the tank” for a long time?

One Hoboken411 reader thought this segment on Yahoo! Finance might be of interest.

Retail “expert” Howard Davidowitz says while market has been slowly rising, along with the latest consumer confidence index – that our country is facing more desperate times. He suspects “hundreds of thousands” of store will be closing, that consumers have less buying power (i.e., “we took a pay cut”), will be saving more – and that “fundamentally” the country is in terrible shape.

He indicates that not only will countless stores be closing, but entire shopping centers as well.

Davidowitz added that there are “always bright spots,” and that certain sectors will succeed. He noted Kohl’s as well as discount 99-cent stores are doing quite well – along with drug store chains (CVS, Walgreens) and certain grocers will hang on during this rough economic climate.

Do you really think we going to be screwed for this long?

Stay dry this morning – and enjoy the cooler weather!! Bring on the Fall!

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Mike Drudge reads Hoboken411?


A good reality show would be

1. A Jon and Kate like series around our mayor and her posse.
2. Hoboken Parking Authority (uncut and raw)
3. Hoboken SWAT


Agreed! An idiot wrote that article. Unless every shop gets a bogus reality show on TV and they’re all successful, it means very little to the rest of the city.


I went to Carlo’s this morning, and we got there just in time. We got in line, and within a few minutes, there was a line out the door.

Save the town? What idiot thought that up?

The bloat of the past 20 years, people living on credit, way beyond their means is coming home to bite us in the ass. Housing prices are still way above the pace of salaries, though it seems as though more and more I am seeing listings that are more affordable for people who realize that living paycheck to paycheck is stupid.

It hurts but this was bound to happen sooner or later.