Relief in sight!


Today may be another steamy day reaching 90 degrees – but it looks like we have some relief in site (hopefully!)

Like a full body massage

Not sure what all of you collectively think about our fantastic “four season” weather pattern here in the northeast – but I’ll certainly say that hot, humid weather sucks the most. It’s not like the winter, where you can *add* clothing to keep yourself warm – when it’s blisteringly hot – you cannot possibly remove much more than your skin!


Regardless of your opinion – some more generally tolerable weather is in store for tomorrow and Friday – as a (semi) cold front sweeps down from Canada and probably makes everyone a bit less testy – and more ready to chill and deal with life as we know it. I personally will be in the best of moods – I promise you that!

High 60’s to low 70’s are my ideal conditions. What about yours?

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