Farmer’s Market and Hobotown!


Yep. Fruits. Veggies. We get it, dude!

I feel a bit weird sometimes – when I constantly hammer home what you all already know (and can clearly see in the Hoboken411 Event Calendar) – but I continually do it nonetheless. Because it’s fun – and I usually offer a “pinch” of something new to the mix when I do remind you, right?

hoboken downtown farmers market hand drawing tim heins nj - Farmer's Market and Hobotown!

Anyway, as 99.999% of Hoboken residents already know – there is a friggin Farmers Market downtown each and every Tuesday through October. You see it. You taste it. You read it. You hear it. You GET it.

However, today’s persistent reminder comes courtesy of local Hoboken artist T.G. Heins – who quickly whipped his rendering of what the Downtown Farmers Market looked like last week. It may not contain color. And certainly no vitamin nutrition – however, what I like about creative, artistic people is – that they actually MAKE something.

If you paid attention to my Week in Review update earlier in the month – you might remember a great quote from legendary producer George Lucas and it has stuck with me forever:

“There are two types of people in the world: Creators and Destroyers. I prefer to align myself with the creators, because they bring something positive to society.”

There’s a little philosophy for you to digest this afternoon!!

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009 11:24 pm

I, too, prefer to hang with the creators.


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