Clothing Drive or free trash bags?


Many Hoboken residents noticed what appeared to be an “air drop” of white kitchen pail garbage bags on their front stoop yesterday. While our economy may be in the tank – these were NOT donations of trash bags for your refuse – but rather for a Clothing Drive for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation!


Are you donating?

While I find “stuffed animals” and “costume jewelry” a little odd for a typical clothing drive for the needy – they still need more useful items like shoes, handbags and household items.

I’ll donate one of the bags I had ready to give… are you?

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Space is at such a premium that I tend to put unwanted usable stuff out on the sidewalk throughout the year, so I don’t really have anything for them. If there were a local emergency, I’d give stuff to the Red Cross that I would otherwise use myself, but it doesn’t look like that kind of a drive. They need to give a couple months notice if they want me to save my unwanted stuff.