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How do you order your food delivery in Hoboken?

More and more, technology has been cutting into the spoken voice aspect of communication these days. Websites, iPhone apps, Twitter, Facebook, email, text messages and so on. It seems like placing an actual phone call may also be considered “old school” already.

But how has that affected how you order your delivery?

There are many ways to do it nowadays – like delivery websites such as delivery.com or seamlessweb.com (which both add a $2 charge), and some companies like dominos.com have their own in-house ordering (which is quite neat, I might add). Personally – I’ve tried the online ordering, but never really stuck with it – because when placing relatively small orders, it seemed like a waste to pay the delivery charge. I can understand larger orders (such as for offices or parties) – or for frequent ordering, but the “wow” of ordering the food online didn’t win me over. I still call.

QotD: What is your preferred method of ordering food in Hoboken? Why? If each local business offered online ordering without the charge, would it affect your decision?

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I use both of those sites, but only for the restaurants with no delivery charge, and only the ones that don’t raise the prices on the site as compared to the paper menus.


Always phone orders. They’re usually for Chinese or pizza when I’m lazy or about to watch a ball game. I’ll gladly pay for the service charge and call them again if the food is good and relatively fast in getting there.


I usually use delivery.com. It’s fast and convenient, and saves my credit card info so I don’t have to reenter it every time or read it over the phone.


I used to use Delivery.com, but the prices never seemed to match up, the drink selections were always incomplete, several wrong orders and then once Grimaldis dropped them I ceased using them. I loved using them for Grimaldis since you can never hear or understand anyone when you call them because of all the noise and god forbid you use a CC and try and read the numbers off.

I make more food these days and if I do want take out, I call and then walk to the restaurant to pick it up.