Hoboken Week in Review – 8/30/2009


Two more weeks till the NFL starts!

September to October might possibly be the two best months of the year for professional sports. The start of the NFL and the race towards the post-season in baseball. “Dud’nt get no better than this!”


Forgive my sports hiccup – See what made the most discussed entries for the week ending Sunday, August 30th, 2009 below!

Who else is “Caked Out?”

  1. NAUSEA!
    I’ve received quite a few emails that people are sick of hearing about Cake. 30-day moratorium on the subject. However, babies are exempt because cake can shut them up if they’re wailing and screaming.
  2. SAFETY!
    A notoriously bad intersection in Hoboken is, well, still pretty bad. Stopwatch ticking to see when the danger is remedied.
  3. VANS!
    A Hoboken resident wonders if a city vehicle is being abused.
  4. BOOZE!
    Over 25% of poll respondents have seen liquor getting watered down. One reader claims he saw it here in Hoboken. The owner denied it. Becomes “he said, he said.”
  5. GROW!
    Technically, we can make Hoboken larger. Is that a good or bad idea?
  6. YIP!
    A new Hoboken resident isn’t too keen on little dogs (and their owners).
  7. LOSERS!
    Everyone in New Jersey lost the top prize in the Lottery.
    Retro Hoboken band revived like Frankenstein.

Other Updates

Event Calendar

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Quote of the Week:

“Like I said we’re all chasin somethin. More money. More love. What we’re really looking for is more life. But sometimes you go looking for more, and you wind up with less. It’s a beautiful world. We ought to be satisfied. But the truth is… we all want more. Some take a chance for the rush of winning. Some for love. But you can’t have your dream without laying something on the line. The key is not to risk what you can’t afford to lose. You might think you’re different. But someday… you’re gonna want more too. The question is… What are you willing to lay on the line? ”

– Ending quote from the movie “Even Money”

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