Getting out of Hoboken…


I surprised myself at the beginning of August – and actually left the mile square…


Raceway Park Shin-Dig

It’s extremely rare that I, Hoboken411, ever get a chance to bolt out of town to do anything, whether a necessary errand or a casual and entertaining trip. Not sure what happened this year – but something has gone awry. Regardless of that lame opportunity to complain – I did happen to do something a bit out of the ordinary on August 1st. Me and my brother took a drive down to Raceway Park to check out an event that’s been going on all summer – and organized by local Hobokenites.

Well-known Hoboken bartender (and DJ) Mike Longo (DC’s, Louise & Jerry’s, Maxwell’s) put together a unique weekly event at Raceway Park. A gathering of cool retro cars, musical acts and some drag racing. Very off beat, and interesting to say the least. They even constructed a retro-style barn that served as the bar! Amazing.

Besides the cars (they had over 300 the prior week!) – the highlight of the evening was the bands. Local resident Ted and his band opened up (I forget the name – my brother was supposed to contribute a 2 paragraph recap, but didn’t) – and in his band was the brain behind The Waitresses (you know them for their popular and upbeat Christmas song you hear each year.) Following Ted’s band was Los Straitjackets, whom I saw for the first time after hearing so much about them. “America’s Instrumental Rock & Roll Combo” was as good as I heard – behind their masks, belting out solid numbers one after another.

Here’s a really rough-edited piece I whipped together in less than half an hour (from about 2 hours of footage – do you know how hard it is to make an interesting video with all that “tape” that’s about 3 minutes – the average attention span of the common American adult?)

Hoboken411 takes an afternoon off from Hoboken411 on Vimeo.

Los Straitjackets perform at Maxwell’s tonight!

Even if you’re like me – someone who rarely adopts musical acts into their “approved” category – you really should check out Los Straitjackets.

A cool bunch of mystery guys behind their wrestling masks that are truly fantastic original musicians.

They’ll be at Maxwell’s (11th and Washington) tonight at 8:30pm – so please try and see them. A unique and talented bunch of musicians!

Enjoy the last remaining bit of your weekend!

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Is Mike Longo any relation to Pat Longo?


They are brothers.

In response to johnozed who said:

Is Mike Longo any relation to Pat Longo?


Los Straitjackets are a GREAT rock ‘n roll band and a guaranteed fun time. Thanks for the heads up as I didn’t realize they were in town tonight…