Product Spotlight: Jerk-Ease


Turn walking your dog into a luxury ride!

Even the most well-behaved dog has their moments. Like the time a nest full of baby squirrels fell out of a tree at Elysian Park – the Hoboken411 Mascot Oscar nearly busted an artery and started yanking, pulling – essentially going nuts in an effort to destroy those tree-rats!

After putting my arm back in the socket – I went down to my favorite pet place Cornerstone Pets (105 9th St.) to pick up some food. Lo Behold right at the counter were these leash-attachments called “Jerk-Ease.”

Jerk-Ease is a bungee-like “shock absorber” you attach to the end of the leash – and eliminates the sudden jerking if your dog tends to go wild. I was amazed at the difference it made. They come in three different sizes, depending on the weight of your pup. Only $12.

Anyone else try this?


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The Unblinking Eye
The Unblinking Eye

hmmm… I got this for my golden who has a serious fetish for squirrles. I can see how it helps the walker but it didn’t do much for her pulling.


i have one of these for my 65 lb. pooch – though i think its a different brand – but same type of design with the bungee. pretty much stopped his pulling altogether.


When this showed up in my RSS feed, I thought it might be NSFW…


Brilliant idea.

I wondered how it would handle a really big dog, then I looked closer at the pic, sure enough, they make a double strength one too.


DAMN-IT!! I was gonna patent that name for “comment posting” software I designed especially for H411.