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Think the renovation is complete.. balloons are a good sign. Was by there yesterday (when they’re usually closed). Will have to do a taste test soon!

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11/21/2006 Update:

They closed up shop temporarily for renovations a few weeks ago. It’s been two weeks, and it didn’t look like they were close to being finished. They obviously didn’t use the HATT (Hoboken Actual Time Translator… I think 411 will copyright that acronym). One to two weeks probably means a month. But hopefully they re-open soon. Was a big fan of their food (although there’ve been rumblings of quality declining as of late?)

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Description – Authentic Thai Cuisine..Casual dining. Small dining area. Zagat rated. $6 – $13.
Services –
Thai Cuisine. Take Out, Free Delivery, Dine In
Address –
234 Bloomfield St, Hoboken, New Jersey ( NJ ) 07030-4708
Telephone –
(201) 798-4822

I know, crappy picture, but the food rocks.

Sri%20Thai - Sri Thai

Updated May 2006

I know looks can be deceiving. You look at this place, and you'd think it belongs in Detroit or something. However, beneath the shoddy exterior is a shining gem of a restaurant. If you care not to read the rest of the review, know this: It's one of the most consistent and delicious restaurants in Hoboken. Period. Friendly, courteous, prompt. A tad pricey compared to Chinese for instance, but you get better tasting food, and a more diverse and flavorful selection. On to the review. As you can see, the interior is nothing special. A tiny no-frills dining room. Better to eat there during daylight hours, as it has a slightly better and more open feel.

sri%20thai%20inside - Sri Thai

We quickly made our selections and service was nearly instantaneous.

First came out a super simple small salad. Lettuce, one slice tomato, one slice cucumber and a few shredded carrots. Covered with peanut dressing. Very strong peanut dressing. I liked the taste very much, but try not to go on an empty stomach, as (for me at least) it stimulated the intestines pretty quick.
sri%20thai%20simple%20salad - Sri Thai

For our appetizers, we shared a small order of Ga-ree Puffs ($3.50). A light fluffy fried pocket filled with a curry-based mixture of chicken and potatoes. Served with a side of cucumber sauce. A sweet concoction with giblets of cucumber, pepper and red onion. A perfect counterbalance to the puffs. I shall now coin these "Thai Pockets" from now on. They're perfect. No other Thai place comes close (well, except for T Thai next to the police station.. they're pretty good, but greasier). I ate one before I remembered to snap the photo. DAMNIT!

sri%20thai%20garee%20puffs - Sri Thai

We also ordered a Yum Nua salad ($6.50). The menu calls this a "BBQ beef salad with Lemon Juice". Do not let that dissuade from ordering this, whether you like that or not. It's really a terrible way of describing one of the most incredible items on the menu. Tender shaved beef, lettuce, red onion, red pepper, scallions, cilantro amongst other things. Very hot and spicy yet wholeheartedly satisfying and refreshing at the same time. As the Sprint commercial would say "Phenomenal". The Shredded Duck salad (with cashews) is also an tasty alternative, not as hot. Good to mix it up from time to time.

Yum Nua:

sri%20thai%20yum%20nua%20salad - Sri Thai

For entrees, we chose two items off the lunch special list (served from 11:00-3:00). And order of Sam Rot (sounds nasty.. anything with "rot" in it, but remember this is from Thailand!).. fried chicken chunks, covered in a hot n spicy tamarind sauce. A side of perfectly prepared white rice complements the dish. Again, out of this world taste and quality.

sri%20thai%20kai%20sam%20rot - Sri Thai

Additionally, an order of Shrimp Pad Thai ($6.50). Their Pad Thai is also top of the list in Hoboken. A nice portion size, and consistently good quality as well.

sri%20thia%20pad%20thai - Sri Thai

Now feeling more full than a Macy*s balloon on Thanksgiving, it should have been time to leave. But seeing as I usually ordered take-out or delivery, I never ordered dessert. That Fried Ice Cream always sounded interesting. It's basically a scoop of French Vanilla ice cream in a pocket of sweet dough, then quickly deep fried. Placed on a layer of raspberry jam-like goop.

sri%20thai%20fried%20ice%20cream - Sri Thai

WOW was I happy I tried this. Kind of like a Twinkee on steriods, this is one of the most outrageously fantastic sweet/cold/dessert dishes I have ever had the chance to enjoy (like the Vesuvius cake from SNL). I'm not a sweets kind of person, but I went ape-shit after eating the first bite. Incredible!!

sri%20thai%20fried%20ice%20cream%20open - Sri Thai

When the waitress asked how it was. I said "Eh, it was ok".

Enjoy Sri Thai more often. Because it's one place you'll NEVER leave disappointed.

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Sri Thai HAS ROACHES! Do not go here! Went this past weekend and a COCKROACH walked right across the table in front of us. Waitress didn’t even flinch, when we told her.


Re. comment 31, cheap for Hoboken…with the current tax rate and the expected raise in rents…this is the place to eat…we hope…they have to pay rent too ❗


I have finally found a way to get my lazy New Yorker friends to take the PATH to see me — take them to Sri Thai for dinner! Everything is dirt-cheap (for Hoboken) and delicious. I highly recommend the duck with garlic and cilantro. It’s amazing!


[quote comment=”39321″]have got to be honest with you, I am reviewing the restaurant from a kid friendly standpoint. The food is no doubt good but they seem to be very less tolerant of babies. We went there with our 18 months old who was a prefecty good child as she sat in the high chair the whole time and didn’t run around(another parent will know what I am talking about). The server who was a guy with shoulder length hair made nasty comments about the child dropping food on the floor. We ignored it initially, I even tried picking up the mess after my child and were planning on giving them a good tip. Just when we were about to leave, the guy commented on what a disaster the child had made. I was extremely upset at the response. Our child was not screaming or running around the restaurant distrupting their business. Just simply dropping food on the floor as she didn’t have great dexterity. I am definitely not going their again and I am truly hurt as a parent. Also, they need to know that they potray a family freindly atmosphere but don’t live upto it.[/quote] Ahh how nice of you to keep your child under control. The waiter was just dumb saying something becasue if he wants a big tip he shouldn’t point out how inconsiderate most yuppie parents are. You think it’s fine your kid is throwing food all over the floor and leaving it for them… Read more »


You EVEN tried picking up your own child’s spit out sticky food!!! What a saint, if you had ever waitressed yourself, you would never expect someone to clean up that kind of discusting mess for a $5 tip. Seems like young yuppy parents get farthur and farthur away from the reality of the working class. You didn’t learn common manners in your summer internship at Goldman Sacks did you, if you ever had to really work you’d know. The food here is great.