Satay Malaysian Cuisine

Malaysian, Chinese, Thai


Description – Malaysian restaurant. Good, spicy Malaysian food. Entrée price range $7-$16.
Services – Malaysian and Chinese cuisine. Take Out, Free Delivery($5 min. local, $10 min. outside), BYOB
Address – 99 Washington St, Hoboken, New Jersey ( NJ ) 07030-4586
Telephone – (201) 386-8688,(201) 386-9868, Fax – (201) 386-1880

Satay%20Malaysian - Satay Malaysian Cuisine

June 2006 – first impressions

Just wanting to try the bubble tea drinks turned into a dinner review! This line of work isn’t good for the waistline, fyi.

Living in Hoboken what seems like forever, walking by Satay what seems like a million times, can you believe that I’ve never even walked in there before? Today was the first time.

Nice little interior, but seemed bigger from the outside. Warm and friendly, a tad on the “busy” side.

Satay%20interior - Satay Malaysian Cuisine

The waitstaff was professional and efficient (not hard considering the kitchen is no more than 10 feet away from any table.)

The total order consisted of the following (hasty ordering by the way.)
– Ayam Pandan $6.50 (basically fried chicken fingers w/ spicy dipping sauce)
– Mango Noodle $7.95 (egg noodles w/ chicken, mango, peppers, etc)
– Ayam Kelapa – $13.95 (think: If General Tso and Ms. Sesame Chicken had a kid)
– A fresh coconut drink ($4) and some bubble teas ($3.50).

For starters, I’m a giant fan of coconut water. It’s very nutritous and hydrating. This was no exception. They basically shave a green coconut and cut a hole in the top. Was ice cold and refreshing! (the waitress added the umbrella for effect!)

Satay%20coconut - Satay Malaysian Cuisine

The Ayam Pandan I wasn’t a big fan of. Looked good, but was rather tough and the sauce wasn’t spicy. My friend liked it. I wish I would have ordered the Roti Canai pancakes that everyone raves about instead. What a dope I was. Will not be ordering this ever again.

Satay%20Ayam%20pandan - Satay Malaysian Cuisine

After that the entrees came. The Mango Noodle dish was decent. The chicken was soft and tender, although the dish again wasn’t spicy like it was supposed to be. Could have had a little more flavor, but was still good overall.

Satay%20mango%20noodle - Satay Malaysian Cuisine

The Ayam Kelapa was a sure winner. Delicious chicken chunks and loads of cucumber slices and packed with taste. This made the Mango noodles better, though. I’d order this instead of General’s chicken any day.

Satay%20Ayam%20Kelapa - Satay Malaysian Cuisine

The Bubble drinks are very interesting. The tapioca nuggets are fun to drink, although I came close to choking to death a few times. Be careful! The Malaysian coffee is strong and satisfying. The Almond tea was ok.. if not a bit strange.

satay%20bubble%20drinks - Satay Malaysian Cuisine

As you can see here, the choices we made weren’t for the health-conscious person! 🙂 The next time we go back, will try the steamed dishes and the better appetizers. Remember this is first impressions only! The lunch special looks like a fabulous value. Hopefully some better info will come out of the second review!!

Overall, we really enjoyed Satay, and recommend it. If you haven’t given it a shot, why not try it?

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Have to agree with most here. Satay is great food. Taste is better than Most Asian cuisine in Hoboken.
Delivery is fast. Can’t go wrong with The Chicken Curry.
My 2cents.


This place is great. We get delivery from here 2-3 times a week. For the super tasty and reasonably priced meals, it’s our time tested stand by. When we get the delivery, it’s fast, and eating there is pretty fun too. If you like asian food, this is definitely a go-to.


Satay has changed owners so you’ll see new people cashiering. But a few of the fairly friendly and efficient regular wait-staff are still there. I checked the kitchen and the same Asian and Hispanic chefs are cooking. What a relief!

This place is still one of the best Asian restaurants in Hoboken, and my relatives from CA who know good Malaysian and Chinese food rave about it (actually they rave more about the Malaysian; skip the Chinese menu). It’s all in their sauces. Try their “specials” on the table tent cards. I put my menu favs in my Treo, and call a take-out when I get off the PATH. By the time I’m at the restaurant it is just about ready.


Was this the old Good and Plenty? That place was good times 😆


This place has a great 5.25 lunch special. They never make you wait long, and the curry soup that comes with lunch is delicious.