Dumb: Artie Lange for Mayor


Would Artie make a better Mayor?

In the “Ridiculous Item of the Day” bin – is this silly notion that drunk-driving comedian Artie Lange should be Mayor of Hoboken.


Some hard-core fans (or opportunistic entrepreneurs) have started both a Facebook Page as well as a website dedicated to electing Howard Stern sidekick Artie Lange for Mayor of Hoboken.

  • For one, Artie hasn’t even endorsed this as a bonafide movement – it’s just fans stirring up the pot.
  • Even if Artie did run, what would his platform be? “24 hour bars?” – Hmmm – that would work for about 1,000 votes right there!
  • If anything – it may get people to the polls – and perhaps may take votes away from anyone else that is running.
  • Other than that – it’s merely a publicity stunt with zero merit. What can ya do?

Although – I might consider Artie as a good “confidential aide” because he’ll really represent the Hoboken Hospitality Association very well – and help promote local business… Hmmmm

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Artie has my vote! Make Jackie Martling Chief of Police too!


Confidential aide! That’s too funny!

I thought no one is allowed to run in our new dictatorship?