Hoboken Week in Review – 8/16/2009


We’re due for another breaking news story

Like week-long Chinese water torture, big nuggets of news seep out of Hoboken every week or two recently… wonder what will be next?


So what made the most discussed entries for the week ending Sunday, August 16th, 2009?

Hazy, Hot and Hoboken

  • HIRED!
    The interim Mayor hires a well-liked young man to be her helper at City Hall. Many wonder if the process in which this took place was as transparent as it should have been…
    The big helicopter/plane crash over the Hudson story is just about closed.
    The topic of businesses being closed on Mondays during the “tough” economy.
  • 411!
    I thank the readers for being part of the ever-growing and diverse community.
    The NY Yankees are solidifying quite well as a team. Will that hold into the post-season?
    Beth Mason says her plan to build a ballpark uptown is great – some residents don’t agree.
    One rare accident over the Hudson gets politicos talking about changing the rules… some don’t think it’s necessary.
    13-year old Hoboken student Will Tavlin makes his directorial debut on Hoboken411, with a video about the city’s financial problems!
    Possible radar installation at an uptown intersection. Big Brother is watching you!
    Former Hudson County Freeholder gets a slap on the wrist for not reading instructions on filing ELEC Reports. Some feel the penalty isn’t stiff enough to prevent it from happening all the time.

Other Updates

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Inspirational Quote of the Week:

“Veritas odium parit.”

– Terence the Philosopher

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