Massive Water Main Break: 15th St.


Lovely… luckily its far from densely populated areas in town.. but…


Brown Water Already!!

This was just reported 10 minutes ago – and I checked my taps – and the water is indeed brown (I’m 14 blocks away, too.)

Police said that the water is “coming out real good” and flooding is already stretched down to Grand Street (three blocks away). Another officer said that United Water might want to hurry – as he feared the street is in danger of collapsing..

Additionally, Academy Buses might actually be trapped in the lot due to that street collapse fear. It’s 3:18am now – I wonder how long this problem will last – and will it affect “morning commute showers?”

Hoboken Infrastructure and you – perfect together!

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I wonder if this will get them to fix the standing water problem, i.e., flooding at the corner of 11th and Madison. Ever since the heavy rains in May and June, the water has not receded off this corner. The smell alone is vile, and the items that float around are even more disgusting. I filed a complaint about it, but since it’s not a “densely populated area” I guess it doesn’t warrant any attention.

If anyone has heard anything about this, I’d love to know what, if any plans are being made. As the work they did on Madison, near the Shoprite didn’t make any difference, since the street still floods.