The Chase / WaMu Merger

8/19/2009 Update:

Perhaps a rush to judgment…

Last week I published a post with some gripes about banking with Chase (once they finally assumed operation of the old Washington Mutual branch).

It’s quite possible that my observations may have come across as a bit harsh. Let I explain:

  • For one, the staff and tellers at all Chase banks have always been helpful, friendly and courteous. Zero complaints.
  • Another aspect I didn’t take into consideration was the slight “transition period.” For the week or two after the switch was made – tellers at the converted branch were encouraged to take their time in order to ensure transactions were done properly. Which is to the customer’s benefit – as errors may have caused unnecessary delays on client funds.
  • Lastly – while I was complaining about one checking procedure – I realized that Chase has one of the best “hold times” in the industry. Just 24 hours deposited check funds are held – which is substantially better than other banks (like the Provident 12 day hold time! WTF!)

So I’ve decided to stick with Chase for the foreseeable future.

washington mutual is now chase bank in hoboken nj - The Chase / WaMu Merger

See original update after the jump…


I have a simple question for all the readers today…

Notice a change at Wamu/Chase?

I’ve always been a customer of both Washington Mutual (business) and Chase banks (personal). I particularly enjoyed doing business with WaMu – because of the ease of each transaction. They were swift, accommodating, and had very few restrictions. I rarely did much with the Chase branches other than make deposits…

However, since Chase swallowed WaMu – I’m not a happy camper. Things have become more “controlled.” The lines are dreadful (uptown). The restrictions stink (I cannot get cash back when depositing a business check – I have to perform an entirely separate transaction – inefficient!) So much for government interaction.

I’m looking to move all my accounts somewhere else – despite it being a massive pain in the neck (Changing all my EFT’s, online subscriptions, etc.)

What is the best overall bank in Hoboken?

And I mean for both business AND personal banking. Consider everything. The online banking. The free services. The branch hours. Staff. Simplicity. And everything else.

Is there a clear winner for best bank in Hoboken?

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Is the new name going to be:

Cha-Mu 😉


Chase has the best online banking system, bar none. Haven’t been in a branch in years.


You sure you like WaMu/Chase? Looks like a woman got kicked out of her mistakenly foreclosed & auctioned home by them, sending family & belongings to the curb.


My friend uses Chase. She went into their location at 34th & 5th avenue to deposit her paycheck. They obviously have too many employees at this location because they are always standing around harrassing anyone who walks in. Well one of these people comes up to my friend and says, “Making a Deposit? I can help you over here” So she follows him to his cube and he proceeds to try and get my friend to open a credit card. My friend declined profusely. She said “Absolutely not, I’ll get rejected and it will affect my credit rating” Even though my friend declined, the man opened her the credit card anyway, which she did not find out until the a few days later when she got a rejection letter. It affected her credit rating. My friend called the branch manager who said that there was nothing he could to about it but that employee had been demoted and transferred to another branch.

Not impressed with her Chase experience. I’m happy with Wachovia been there through about 3 mergers, never had a problem.


I’ve had no trouble at all with Wachovia…when it merged with First Union which had merged with First Jersey…all the transitions have been smooth…and checking is free with direct deposit!

Although the branch at First/River clearly needs two ATMs…sometimes there is no cash on sundays.