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Tuesday Trailer Talk…

Not sure if many of you attended any of the “Hoboken International (faux) Film Festivals” in the past few years. But let’s just say I never really got into these events because something just didn’t feel right about them. Most of the flicks looked awful – and there wasn’t too much artistic representation. You know, the NYC tri-state area is filled with genius filmmakers looking for exposure – so exactly why weren’t there any knock-out films?

Well, I’ve been speaking with filmmaker Frank Perrotto recently – and this might give you a little insight. His film was “rejected” for this year’s festival – despite having a VERY strong Hoboken representation. Below you can see his letter – and compare Frank’s trailer with what was billed as the “feature film.”

timid movie poster modified hoboken nj hoboken411 - Indie Film shot in Hoboken: Tim(id)

What’s up with the Hoboken Int’l Film Festival?

“Hi, my name is Frank Perrotto and I’m a writer/director currently finishing up my indie feature film “Timid,” much of which was shot in Hoboken. I thought it might be of interest to your readers to check out the trailer since we were able to use locations like the waterfront, Schnackenberg’s, Truglio’s Butcher, and Church Square Park. My wife and I were living in Hoboken while making the film but relocated to Los Angeles in November of last year. We both currently work in television.

Also, I remembered reading an article in which you called to task the Hoboken International Film Festival and it’s programmer for filling most of the best slots with his own films. We submitted the film to the HIFF and were, of course, rejected, most likely to make room for his latest opus, O.B.A.M Nude.

I also sent an email to them ahead of time letting “the deciders” know that the first third of the film takes place in Hoboken, we made fantastic use of these locations, and that we had (and still have) many friends living in Hoboken who work in the entertainment industry and would very likely attend the festival to at least see ‘Timid’. I’m fairly certain that none of them had previously attended, so I thought it might help. Most of the actors are from New York as well, and we really would have had a nice presence at the festival.

Maybe we deserve to get rejected, who knows… but I have to say, Hoboken’s is the ONLY festival I’ve ever heard of where the programmer and organizer has the gall to put his or her films front and center. Only in Jersey, I guess, right? It’s difficult to be objective, but I look at that clip and I’m like… really?

Just wanted to pass it along. Perhaps we could do a follow-up once the film begins to screen and especially once it is released on DVD?

Frank Perrotto

Timid vs. O.B.A.M. Nude: You decide

Here you can see the trailer from Frank’s movie that was rejected – and after that Kenneth Del Vecchio’s “masterpiece.”

I say “Plot vs. two guys in a room.”


O.B.A.M. Nude:


PS – Hoboken411 will be following up on this story sometime in the Fall…

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Thursday, August 27, 2009 1:17 pm

I have to respond. I am an independent film maker and had a film in this year’s Hoboken International Film Festival. Although I had no connection to anyone in the festival, the film was selected on its merits. The organizers, including Kenny DelVecchio, couldn’t have been nicer and more professional. I saw many of the films that were screened: there was a wide variety, US and international, shorts, features, and documentaries, and they were almost all excellent. Its true that Kenny showed a few of his films there – but they were not in competition, and I doubt anyone’s film got “dumped” to make room for one of his – in fact, he pulled one of his films to allow another film to have his slot, because there were technical problems in showing the other film originally. I think its sour grapes for someone to complain that the organizer of a film festival (which takes a lot of effort and money to put on) also showed some of his films. Why don’t you put on your own festival, then? In any case, there is no “right” to be in someones film festival. Each festival has its own selection criteria, and “made in Anytown” is never sufficient on its own to get into an “Anytown” Film Festival. There are always more good films that are submitted to festivals than there are slots for showing those films, especially for features. It’s easy to work out frustrations by getting mad at the festival… Read more »

Tuesday, August 11, 2009 6:07 pm

I seem to be having trouble viewing the video/film files on Hoboken411. Where the trailers for the two films are located above, I see only an empty square box with a little inactive icon in the top right corner. Do I need to load a special viewer or software to see 411 videos?

Thanks. Any help would be appreciated.


Tuesday, August 11, 2009 3:59 pm

Is this a joke?

Never mind the fact that “O.B.A.M. Nude” is softcore porn for circle-jerking Republican wingNUTS– propaganda disguised as ‘art’, it looks absurdly amateurish in a side by side with the “Tim (id)” preview.

I can only say it is petty jealousy on the part of Kenneth Del Vecchio, to bump a professional effort by locals, filmed here that is relevant to our town in favor of his self-important ode to Obama-hatred. He is like every other ranting and raving lunatic on the ultra-right fringe who thinks he’s teaching the ‘truth’ when he’s just another hot bag of gas with a camera– except he’s able to elevate his turd at the HIFF. Someone, please book him a padded cell somewhere and keep the electrodes warm.

Sorry for you, Mr. Perrotto. Please notify 411 when your film is screened and goes to dvd.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009 2:32 pm

O.B.A.M. Nude looks like something i would have done freshman year in film class at my small state college. Timid looks like a well planned out film. The production value is pretty good and the acting is definitely better than I’ve seen in some mainstream movies. The trailer is a bit long in the tooth, but after watching it i did want to see the whole film. If i were reviewing the two trailers for entrance into a film festival i would have chosen Timid over OBAM any day. OBAM seems to be unoriginal in its attempt to be edgy.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009 2:34 pm

We had the same experience 2 years ago. We shot a 75 min. indie that was based in Hoboken and most of the cast/crew were Hoboken (or at least NJ) residents that would have had a big turnout at the fest. That year Del Vecchio selected 3 of his films to be featured. I got him on the phone and expressed my concerns with the selection process, at the end of the conversation I told him to go an stuff a stromboli in his mouth!

Typical Hoboken politics!

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