Pizza Love: H&S Giovanni’s


Pizza, I love you…

For my whole life – I’ve struggled with finding things that work “long term” for me. Whether it be girlfriends, jobs, good habits, etc.

The same has held true with my food likes & dislikes. Often times, if I’ve had a respectfully decent meal at a Hoboken restaurant, I’d tout it as the best thing on earth – and end up feeling otherwise after a relatively short period.


Tough to find that “long term” pizza parlor

For the past couple years – I’ve fallen in love – and subsequently broken up with many pizza establishments in Hoboken. For one reason or another, the “love affair” after a couple semi-decent pies wore off – and I no longer was in love.

There were many contributing factors: Misunderstood why I was so happy (was it hunger? lack of decent food for days?); Good in the beginning – then slacked off; Something better came along; and more.

One thing for sure is – Pizza is hands down my favorite food on Planet Earth. When will my search finally end for Pizza Perfection? (Or at least Long Term satisfaction?)

A promising keeper: H&S Giovanni!

Last month – pizza was the subject of conversation between some friends and I. One friend mentioned H&S Giovanni (6th and Wash – (201)714-4232) – and how he orders a broccoli pie each week. I have had good slice experiences at H&S – but have also been semi-let down with at least one or two deliveries during my tenure in Hoboken. I took the “re-plunge” nonetheless – and ordered that exact pie about a month ago.



Not sure if Giovanni’s just got better, with more consistent help – or what the reason is – but the pies have been near perfection (overall).

I’d like to add that I’ve eaten SEVEN NINE consecutive pies from Giovanni’s without a major disappointment. A world record for Hoboken in my book. Let me explain my review criteria a bit more:

Positive consistency is key. To “fall in love” with a pizza place requires many points. Everything from ease of ordering (do they understand what you’re saying on the phone?), delivery time (under 30 minutes or almost an hour?), and the “magic triangle” (sauce, cheese, crust + taste and value).

The pies from Giovanni’s aren’t the best I’ve ever had in my life – but if I had to factor in the delicious consistency – they are currently in first place by a great length.

What makes ’em so good?

In no particular order:

  • Nice thin crust.
  • Maximum use of “dough real estate.” They don’t rip you off by having a massive baseball bat sized outer crust.
  • Fantastic crust/cheese/sauce ratio. The slices are “juicy” (if that is even an appropriate descriptor).
  • Good topping representation. There is no blatant ripoff by using minimal toppings.
  • Nice staying power. The next-day, reheated slices are acceptable in microwave or conventional oven.
  • Pie strength. The product didn’t fall apart, slide off, or become difficult to eat. A pleasant dining experience each time.
  • Great delivery time (20-25 minutes consistently)
  • Friendly staff (extremely cordial delivery personnel)
  • You get what you expect. Since I was pleasantly surprised with the first pie – they’ve met that standard each and every time. No let downs (yet). The seven nine pie streak is unprecedented in my personal experience.

Some tips & forgiveness: I like ordering each pie “with a little extra sauce…” which makes the pie a bit “wetter” and “looser” – so one of the nine deliveries, the toppings slid around just a little (they could wait a minute or two before loading it up on the bike.) Some topping are relatively average (the meats primarily) – but they pull off onion perfectly.

Worth a read: Did you know that a bunch of Hoboken411 readers held a “Pizza Derby” back in 2007? They compared Mario’s, Delfino’s and H&S Giovanni’s. Guess who won?

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I tried H&s years ago and wsn’t thrilled with it. I tried it again on Perry’s recomendation as he is a pizza fiend like myself.
i was very happy with the pie I ordered.
i got the Xtra sauce.
Good crust.
real cheese, tasty sauce
cooked just right.
I would highly recommend it!
as for Grimaldi’s. I wish it were better. they seem to undercook their pies.
always soupy and floppy.
Napoli is much better.


I love having all the pizza choices in town. I’m with 411, while I’ve never had pizza delivered from Giovanni’s, I enjoyed it very much during a recent visit. I like Mario and his place, but find his pizza doughy, not crispy enough. A lot of people rave about Grimaldi’s, and perhaps I should give them another try, but the last time I was there years ago what they put in front of us was slop. Gooey cheese on a pie that didn’t stay together because it had too much runny sauce. As I said, it was years ago and since we have so many choices we have the luxury not to return. Benny’s still holds their own, attitude and all, but their delivery pies are inferior to the slices in the store.


Great advice. Is that a picture of the actual pie?


Hands down the best delivery pizza in town.