Flag Football Players Wanted!


In case you’re one of the 39,000 residents that haven’t seen this sign enticing sporty individuals to join a flag football league – here’s my friendly announcement for ya!


Flag football – $3,000 cash prize – what?

Spotted this sign encouraging anyone interested in “flag football” to sign up.

League starts September 13th – and includes:

  • Team Jerseys
  • $3,0000 Cash Prize
  • Trophies (useless)
  • You can “make friends”
  • and have “good times”

Email eulisesroman@aol.com – Or go to www.jersey-flag.com

Not anywhere near Hoboken…

“The field is located in Elizabeth, NJ on Clifton and Pulaski St. 3 mins away from Montano Park. The field is also located off Bayway Ave right next to Bayway Pool and Rec Center.”

Send pictures once you join too!!

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really loverly area

Biffy B For Mayor
Biffy B For Mayor

Am I still allowed to play, if I am staunch believer in punctuation marks?


this looks awesome. $3000! looking at the pictures of the guys on the website though it looks like some of them could play for the nfl.