Hating Humidity and Heat


I’m sorry for posting this relatively uneventful weather post (i.e., no flooding, storms, etc.)….


Sticky heat sucks!

Yesterday started with the sticky humidity – and today looks to be a rather dreadful day to spend outside. Sure, we can look on the bright side and say “Hey! it’s not 100 degrees and humid, right?” – but for the summer we’ve been having, Monday will be quite intolerable for most people in the northeast.

For one, like any sensible individual, I will limit my outdoor activities unless absolutely necessary. And poor little 411 mascot Oscar will be out less today (but more often – maybe six 15-20 minute walks).

Conditions will improve by Wednesday and the rest of the week – but get ready for a longer heat wave spurt the middle of next week too. UGH!

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Back to work guys!

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Mm. Sticky summer heat.