Hoboken Week in Review – 8/9/2009


9 dead in air collision over Hudson River

Hoboken411 broke the top story of the week yesterday (hours before any other NJ media) – with a sightseeing helicopter and small plane colliding over the Hudson River. All nine passengers are presumed dead.

hudson river plane and helicopter collision hoboken nj august 8 2009 reader bob bowdon - Hoboken Week in Review - 8/9/2009

Other than yesterday’s tragic incident – here’s what else happened in Hoboken the last week…

Here’s your potpourri of Hoboken!

This was an interesting week in Hoboken! While city hall didn’t pass out entirely – we were able to discuss many items other than the monotonous political landscape in town. New businesses, crazy dog park incidents, baseball and much more!!

hoboken411 week in review dog bite - Hoboken Week in Review - 8/9/2009

So what made the most discussed entries for the week ending Sunday, August 9th, 2009?

A nice mix of topics this week!

  • OUCH!
    A man was bitten by a Boxer at a Hoboken dog park. The person responsible for this took off. Crazy comments about it!
    A former housewife and snapshot taker is making more than 99.9% of Mayors in New Jersey – with zero experience! The outrage begins NOW!
    Our sneaky government steals more money from our pockets by raising taxes on the things we enjoy.
    The Yankees are looking better and better. Are we going to win another World Series this year?
  • LIVE!
    Hoboken411 once again proves it’s enormous value to the community. That live council video wouldn’t have happened without 411!
    We recommend wearing protective gear when eating at restaurants beneath highrise buildings…
  • JOKER!
    Comparing a Democratic parody against a Republican parody results in fierce political chatter.
    His name comes up every time OxyContin is in the news. Hoboken411 broke the story about the $10,000 pill heist at CVS. Others caught up days later.
    You need flour to make a cake, right? Buddy Valestro – of Carlo’s City Hall Bake Shop gets another season as a tertiary cable star. Fans flock to Flickr their proud moments on the sidewalk in front of the fattening bakery.
    A random question about an “out of place” and “overpriced” condo development along Willow Avenue.

Other Updates

Event Calendar

See what’s happening this week on Hoboken411 event calendar!


Inspirational Quote of the Week:

“There are two types of people in the world: Creators and Destroyers. I prefer to align myself with the creators, because they bring something positive to society.”

– George Lucas

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Kudos 411. You can amend your parenthetical “hours before nj media” to “hours before the new york and national media.” I was checking the local network affiliates, nytimes.com, cnn, and fox for awhile before they had anything.