Any Given Hoboken Sunday (Part II)


[Note: Continuing the series of article contributions from Hoboken411 reader Andrew – who has volunteered to share his perspectives of the world we live in. Share your thoughts in the comments section!]

Yet another “casual Friday” submission from Hoboken411 contributor Andrew B., who’s previous articles included “Reach out and touch someone” (about crazy txt messages), “Ticket Bastard” (the monopoly of concert ticket holders), and “Any Given Sunday, Part I.”

What’s with all the smeared poop in Hoboken?

By Andrew B.
jason pollack poop painting - Any Given Hoboken Sunday (Part II)As I wander a few blocks from The Madison I run into familiar faces as well as an endless parade of strollers and rugrats lead by their almost ready-to-pop mothers. All accompanied by their dogs and of course, their poop.

Their smeared poop trailing behind them on the sidewalks. Fine, maybe it wasn’t their dog that left the trail, but “what…is the deal with that?” A dog’s got to doo what a dog’s got to doo so come on people, help a brotha out and work on your scooping methods. Or change the poor dog’s diet. Something has to change though because the walk down Hudson St. can be a minefield. Actually a more appropriate (yet disgusting) description is that each square of sidewalk resembles a small, brown Jackson Pollock Painting.

“What’s the best view of NYC from Hoboken?”

stevens institute best real estate in hoboken - Any Given Hoboken Sunday (Part II)After checking out the dog run in Elysian Park and testing each owner’s scooping methods (just kidding all of you sensitive, responsible dog owners!) I decided to take a stroll through Stevens Institute.

After spending many lazy days on campus it’s official that there is no better spot to take in a beautiful Sunday than on one of the hills overlooking Manhattan. Grab a book and a pair of shades and watch the ships as well as the day sail on by.

Luckily for all of us who call this city home it’s one of the few places we can safely say will still have a view many years from now.

Our Town

While wandering home I begin wondering “Am I an uptown snob?” Most of this piece focuses on all that uptown offers but believe it or not I do venture south of 8th Street from time to time. Friends from other cities/towns laugh when I tell them I live in Uptown Hoboken. 15 blocks by 12 blocks may not seem like much to people outside of town but as you all know there are some very distinct neighborhoods within our fine “mile square city”.

So, what’s your favorite section of town and why?

hoboken july 4 panoramic iphone photo maxwell place sm - Any Given Hoboken Sunday (Part II)

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Nice, I can see myself in that panoramic of the mob.


I think it is funny that so many people in Hoboken are more offended by children than by dog poop. Children are annoying at times but they grow to be adult humans. Dogs are dogs and all they do is shit on, or around, our sidewalks. Children grow into real, human, adult beings.


I kinda like that spot. Nice place for lunch. Never crowded when I go.


Don’t worry, no one goes there anymore – it’s too crowded.


I wouldn’t tell my favorite part of town because then it would be overwhelmed by people going there to hang out…just kidding…sort of…

Why would someone tell people to go to Stevens and check out the view? If too many people go there, they will close the campus and chase people out like they used to do…anyway, the best views are Sinatra Park and Pier A park anyway….and Maxwell Park….especially Maxwell Park…