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The 350 Project

the 3 50 project - Do you shop local?Have your seen the 3/50 project? It’s a viral campaign to “help save the local economy” – by supporting locally owned businesses.

“The idea is to commit $50 each month to locally owned businesses, total. Maybe that means rethinking where you currently invest your money, opting to pick up that birthday card or pair of jeans in a locally owned business instead of the big box you’ve been going to. Or maybe it means eating out once a month because you realize slamming the brakes on all spending stalls economic recovery. It’s just that simple.”

So far only a handful of local Hoboken businesses have joined (including Luxe Face & Body & Mimosa Digital)…

Is the economy a catch-22?

I find this initiative a bit of a quandary actually – because the economy affects people across the board – including the would-be consumers of the products for sale.

Understandably, they chose the $50/month number because it should be achievable *in theory* – but for the many citizens across the country that are struggling to make ends meet – every dollar is important to them. Many residents I’ve spoken with have indeed cut back their “luxury” spending (and eating out less, buying online, in bulk, etc.) – but a majority still spend a significant amount of money in Hoboken, just not as much as they used to. Others have said they get a better value at the big-boxes or outlet stores. I think that because of the “mass transit” nature of our town, many residents almost have no other choice than to shop locally. Sure, there are some shops closing, but I don’t think it’s nearly as bad as other parts of the country.

How would you suggest supporting the local economy? Re-structuring your own spending? Having less, but spending locally? Landlords lowering rent to allow businesses to lower their prices too?

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Thankfully, I own a local shop, Koru Wedding Shoppe, that is supported by the community. I offer fair prices on wedding invitations, gifts & accessories & personal service that people appreciate. However, I know I’m lucky to be right off Washington Street & not paying crazy rent. Because I’m supported locally, I try to shop locally as well. Bella Ro & Townhouse 620 are two of my favorites.

rich k
rich k

Agreed that landlord greed needs to be reined in, but it’s worth shopping around in town. I was surprised that at least in some areas Garden of Eden can compete favorably not only with Whole Paycheck, but with Shoprite or Trader Joes. Of course there are exceptions ($5.69 for Ben & Jerry’s?!) but their meat meets or beats TJ’s in price and is clearly better in quality.
Battaglia’s can’t go head to head with Bed, Bath and Beyond in selection, but that also means they’ve pre-sorted through the massive junk selection at BB&B. What’s left is eclectic and reasonable.


Um, I don’t know about $50 per week. But I do support most local businesses such as Sweet, Giorgio’s, little markets and some restaurants, delis and cafes (like Empire and Ganache). Had to tighten the belt just a little even though we’ve been alright because I’m done with supporting the sale of items that really aren’t needed but look nice on a shelf.

Trader Joe’s is where you can find us on certain weekends, though. Target, too, for paper towels and t.p. We’re simple and don’t care for the Christmas morning feeling. By May, many put their super-great sh*t back into its box, anyway.


Small business has to offer something. If they cannot offer price, they have to figure out how to differentiate.

Mom & Pop shops like Sleep NOT-Cheap… remember? Aren’t they in Guttenberg now? How about Stan’s Sportswear? Insane prices and zero service.

Buying local just because they are local is like a stupid-tax.


I always try to shop locally. I think I’m responsible for keeping Townhouse 620 in business. They have great clothes and accessories at normal prices. I definitely agree that if a store sells things at inflated prices they shouldn’t be surprised if they don’t get local business.