Hobokenpix: The city is crumbling…


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Hoboken Photo of the Day – 8/4/2009

While I’m usually really attentive – there are times I zone out for a few minutes. I was walking the Hoboken411 Mascot Oscar the other day – when he pulled me aside to tell me about this busted up “beware of pedestrians” pylon at the intersection of 12th and Bloomfield. Good Dog!

These pylons are so worn out across the city – that they’re in dire need of replacement. Many are missing, out of place and just plain ineffective.

One – how is the city going to replace or repair these? When? Where are they getting the money? Will it take a pedestrian fatality to get some action? Or will the city be proactive for the first time in history?


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Every single person who has ever visted me in the 12+ years I have lived here asks the same question, “why are these not all 4 way stops?”

A> it would generate revenue for running stop sign tickets for the budget problems
B> it might get people to get rid of their cars in a town that is a mile+ large, has frequent busses, is bike and walk accessible
C> it might actually get people to stop at intersections.


Bored drivers and/or pedestrians are scary creatures.

The destroyed pylon brings out Oscar’s fur.


It really makes me feel safe that there are people driving in our town that either are bad enough drivers that they hit this sign, or they are big enough Assholes that they hit it out of malice and spite.