Cammarano tidbits – 8/3/2009


Like I said last week – since Peter Cammarano is now an ex-Hoboken politician, and a private citizen dealing with his mess – I expect this feature will certainly be dwindling down (at least until the day of his verdict/plea).

Someone is watching me…

“Quimby for Mayor” spoofed the Geico commercials…

Resignation letter on eBay?

One Hoboken411 reader sent this wacky auction on eBay – someone is trying to sell the resignation letter from Peter Cammarano.

They’re claiming it’s “real” – but I highly doubt it’s the authentic, signed-by-Peter letter. For the $3.00 it is currently – the auction title should be named “One sheet of used Laser Printer Paper.”

Jeez. I sure hope no one saved his uneaten french fries from the Malibu Diner!!


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A real tidbit would be what the lawyers of Corzine and Scammarano negotiated for him to finally go away.

That would make for a fine feast.