PSA – Hoboken “Man Down”


If you ever listen to the Hoboken411 Live Police and Fire Action Channel – one type of call that happens pretty much daily is “Man Down.” This usually means either a drunk/homeless person who’s highly intoxicated and fell/passed out, or an elderly resident who lost their footing. Also possible are assaults and “cold hit and runs” (although rare).

Hoboken411 Public Service Announcement: Man Down

This poor fella was spotted outside of 15 Church Towers. We immediately called it in to request ambulatory care.

  1. When you encounter a situation like this – before you do anything else – always call the Hoboken Police Department immediately (201-420-2100) – not 911. Response time will be faster and more accurate. The Hoboken Volunteer Ambulance arrived in less than 2 minutes. Memorize this number or program it in your phone.
  2. Note your surroundings. Be specific with the location (for any call to HPD) – use building numbers, cross-streets and even orientation (N,S,E,W, etc.)
  3. When the injury is unknown, and the victim cannot speak intelligibly, it’s best not to touch them – you may be unaware of what happened – and risk causing further injury.
  4. You may consider donating to the Hoboken EMS – they provide an invaluable service to the community – and are available 24 hours a day.

Luckily, I believe this man just had a few too many, and fell. The combination of being inebriated and bloody made it look worse than I think it was. He apparently lived in the building he fell in front of… (don’t the say most accidents happen close to home?) Hopefully he’s back on his feet now. And great job by the EMS and HPD for the fast arrival!

man down hoboken still shot - PSA - Hoboken "Man Down"

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Can’t tell because he’s face down. I think I know who this is.


I do not have permission to view this private video.

Hope the guy is ok.


Soundtrack on the video is Hidden Place by Björk is anyone was curious. Lyrics at the end were just enough to feed Google.