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Wake up America!

glenn-beck-constitution-watchdog-logoTV & Radio personality Glenn Beck is often maligned by many people as “being out there” – or completely nuts. Whether you agree or disagree – you have to admit there are not many people that offer such a distinctly unique viewpoint such as his (I like to say “checks and balances” rather than nuts, but that’s just me.)

Glenn recently had a bit of a revelation this past Friday – and is reaching out to all his listeners and viewers, to help keep our very government in check. He thinks that the overwhelming amount of governance taking place in Washington (the health care calamity, cap & trade, “Cash for Clunkers,” ACORN and much more) is part of a clearly designed plan to uproot the very foundation in which our country was based on. And because of the sheer amount of information to assimilate, it’s nearly impossible for one single entity (person, network, newspaper) to track – and needs as much help as he can get.

You can check out his website at Glennbeck.com or follow him on Twitter.com/glennbeck.

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Pretty scary…

(411: video added on commenters behalf)

strand tramp
strand tramp

glen beck should be removed from the air at fox. he is an embarsassment. at least as much as an embarrassment as the left wing nuts.
by the same token i believe obama embarrassed himself by stepping in to the gates/crowley situation, and he only did it because of his association with gates who is a racist.


This is the guy who called Obama a racist. Then said he didn’t think he was a racist but just hates white people…..

But he loves our country so much, gosh darn it, that he just wells up in tears every episode just to show us how much he loves this country…

Glenn Beck isn’t nuts. He’s a hack. He’s say or do anything to make a buck.


I gladly accept the L.M.A.O. award, wow, it looks like a plunger

I’d like to thank mooshu for always being there, you’re the best

And I’d also like to thank the crickets, I couldn’t have done this without all you guys

I’m gonna take this award home and use it against all the B.S. out there in the world.

They won’t see it til it’s too late – woosh


Better late than never?