Hobokenpix: Happy Day


[Continuing the ORIGINAL Hoboken411 “Photo of the Day” series…]

Hoboken Photo of the Day – 7/29/2009

Considering many community residents are filled with anger, disgust, shock and disappointment lately – here’s a public service announcement to y’all. You can be happy! Just remember the simple pleasures!

Take a look at this little window arrangement (on Garden I recall?) – seems like a proud parent allowed their child to decorate the window with a “Happy Day” montage of random stuff. Brought a smile to my face, that’s for sure!


PS – if you have images collecting dust on your camera or hard drive – send them in for eventual inclusion on Hoboken411! Please state how you’d like to be credited in your email, and a description – if desired!!

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Good point! Between recent events and the bizarre weather it takes a reminder to regain perspective. One thing I notice this summer is that the flowers everywhere are magnificent. A benefit of all this rain!


Thanks, 411.

See, elaine? You, too, can be happy.

:: Grin ::