Hoboken Farms uptown today

9/3/2009 Reminder:

Just bumping this previous entry about the Uptown Farmers Market – going on right now! Mmmm… Pickles.

Makes you hungry just looking at the menu

Many of you already know that Hoboken has added a second Farmers Market uptown this year. If you didn’t – well now you know. Again today (and every Thursday) at 3pm – you can head over to 13th and Hudson (near the Rite Aid) and check out locally grown produce – and my favorite: Hoboken Farms.

“Buy some fresh mozzarella for that special gal or fella.”

Hoboken Farms is not your ordinary Farmers Market vendor – they feature “stick to the ribs” items like fresh Balthazar & Dom’s Bakery breads, homemade Mozz, as well as chicken, beef and fish items as well. I scanned the menu for your perusal.


For some reason – I’m craving chicken tenders!


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when does this go till?