Live Council Video & Chat!


Council Meeting Video 7/22/2009

Archived footage – now available quick!

Part 1/2:

Part 2/2:

(You can see the Hoboken411 live chat after the jump…)

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I’ve bumped this for easy access later. Big shout out to all the readers that emailed in to thank Hoboken411 for helping make this a reality in Hoboken.

Reminder (I think) you can tweet into the chat by using the hashtag #cityofhoboken in your tweets. The Hoboken411 Live chat will start up shortly before 7pm.

Hoboken411 Live Council Chat (including tweets)


Live City Council Stream – tonight!

About two weeks ago – Hoboken411 announced that it helped the City of Hoboken bring LIVE streaming video of the City Council meetings to reality!

Barring any technical hiccups – you should be able to watch the meeting from the comfort of your own home (or coffee shop, or wherever) starting at 7pm!

Twitter included!

In addition to the live video stream – I’ve also added a Hoboken411 “Live Blog” to the mix. You can chat about the meeting right as it’s happening – or even chime in right from city hall using your Twitter account and mobile device. Just add the hashtag #cityofhoboken to your tweets – and they’ll appear right along with everyone else’s comments.

(City Council Preview coming up next…)

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Watching July 22nd council meeting on 78 ( I know not internet cool) I can’t believe Russo is trying to get the directors treated as union employees not as hired professionals. He is very deceptive, Dave Mello et al had to question him and Kleinman for quite a while before it came out that directors are NOT part of any union and therefore are NOT entitled to longevity bonuses.
Also Russo tried to get Alicea’s salary set to 125K on the possibility that it could become a full time position, for someone else, in the future. Disgusting.


Firefox !!! thanks, I tried everything but that, is it still available for view or must I wait tell next time, and honestly I would pay some fee for video of city meetings, nothing is more informative than seeing these people in action


great job hob411, you also saved me 11.50, wife wanted to see a movie, i said watch this and you will be entertained…the hightlight was the bergin/russo showdown….further, mello wants to take longevity away, its the very same thing he gets but in a different state…isnt that called two face…so cure hoboken new jerseys problems but ill keep raping the citizens of ny…why not just ask all employees to come to work for free…i often hear council members ask for clarification on many things cause they dont understand…or dont comprehend…if you constantly need clarification why are you sitting up there…use your brians and decifer what it is your talking about and know your subject material….im done its late…hob411…TREMENDOUS JOB…i owe you a beer or two, you saved me 11.50…hahahah


its 11pm — do these meetings run this late typically?