Healthy Hoboken – July 2009


[Every month, Hoboken411 will be posting a column to give answers to Hobokenites’ most frequently asked health questions. The column is written by Dr. Laura Brayton of Hoboken Chiropractic + Wellness. Please send all health-related questions to]


A solution for migraine headaches?

“Dear Dr. Brayton,

I have been suffering from migraines since my early 20’s with no known cause. They get so bad that I am not able to work. I have to shut myself up in the dark and take pills. I have done some research and learned that a cause might be the misalignment of my spine. Can you tell me more about this? How could this cause such severe migraines?”

Migraine Mary

An alignment might help

healthy-hoboken-with-laura-brayton-july-2009Dear Migraine Mary,

I am so sorry to hear how your quality of life has been impacted my migraines. Headaches and migraines are fairly common occurrences amongst adults, especially women. In fact, I had a patient in my office this morning who woke up with a severe migraine and she immediately called the office for an emergency appointment as she had received much relief from chiropractic adjustments to her neck and jaw in the past. If you have never had the alignment of your neck and TMJ (tempromandibular joint) checked out, I would highly recommend it as misalignments contribute to nerve irritation and muscle spasm in the surrounding soft tissue.

Pinched nerves as well as trigger point referral (pain referred from the knots in your muscles) commonly contribute to headaches. If you have had previous tests like a MRI or CT scan that showed no abnormalities and there is no known relation between your migraines and triggers like food allergies or hormonal imbalances, then it could be very helpful to look at possible musculoskeletal causes.

Yours in health,
Dr. Brayton

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