Here comes the humidity!


Stickiness & power bills

nice comfortable summer in the northeast usa - Here comes the humidity!

Residents from Hoboken and the rest of the NYC tri-state area have been fortunate this summer. While June was one of the rainiest months on record – the temperatures and humidity were kept in check. This also helped keep our PSE&G power bills lower, leaving us with more money to spend at local businesses!

This was all made possible because of a jet stream pattern that kept the southern flow away from us.

Humid, but not blazingly hot (yet)

northeast humid weather pattern - Here comes the humidity!
The weather forecast for the next 2 weeks will be relatively unstable – as we’re now stuck in a new weather pattern that is bringing humid air northward. The entire northeast will become noticeably sticky during the afternoons. Along with the rise in humidity will be increased cloud cover. Scattered showers and thunderstorms will pop up during the early and midweek. Then, the late week will see wider outbreaks of rainy weather, including downpours. So keep an eye out – and be prepared. Temps will most likely not exceed 90 degrees – but won’t cool off much at night either, so AC’s will be churning for sure.

Fun weather stat

The last 90-degree day we had was back in April, believe it or not! And it looks like we may get through the entire months of June and July without a single 90-degree day!

Did you know that since weather records were kept back in 1876 – this phenomenon has only happened ONCE??

Only 13 years ago back in 1996.

Amazing! I wonder how August will be?

(PS – the weather experts have noticed that most years where we experienced summers like this – the following winters were extra-snowy. So keep your fingers crossed!)

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The humidity last Thursday and Friday was oppressive. I had dogwalks to do both days. I was miserable and drenched in sweat.


Only use the A/C at night and on 100-degree days. I need air circulation from open windows, foremost. But we also live in a street-level pad, so it’s usually cool and comfy down here with just an outdoor breeze. Thus, this cooler summer has been awesome (can’t speak for August).

Humidity makes my joints hurt, sometimes. Other than that, it’s not so bad.


Wow, no 90 degree days in june and july. Quite interesting indeed!