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Back in June, I mentioned that the “Juicing my way to better health” plan was a complete bust – and will try alternate methods (prepared food delivery) to incorporate a better diet for people with little to no spare time in their lives.

I reviewed “Diet to Go” at the end of last month – and will encapsulate the next two deliveries from Pure Foods – Fresh Start, and here…

One and the same

Let’s get this straight now – Pure Foods and are one and the same (identical product – eDiets was cheaper I recall).

Below is a random photo gallery of my deliveries and some product shots – see the Pro vs. Con and Hoboken411 synopsis of this failed experiment afterward.

So – what do you think Mr. 411?

Let me recap: I’m not kidding whatsoever when I mention how “busy” I am. I decided to start an online business in Hoboken. It got insanely popular – and would truly would benefit if I had an office, staff (of 10 or more), and so on. But I do it myself, and one (of many) things that have suffered is my ability to eat sensibly (along with maintaining order, cleanliness, relationships – I could go on…) Some of you might point and laugh at me and say “You idiot! It’s simple!!” – however, spend a week in my shoes, and you will not be laughing any more – I promise you that!

One thing I wanted to do was find a great way to accomplish the following: Find an efficient, healthy way to eat – save money – lose a couple pounds. The main objective beyond all – was to reduce the amount of time that was involved with satisfying my hunger in a (somewhat) healthy way.

See why I failed (yet again) after the jump!!!

(Diet Debacle, continued…)

It’s not what you think…

OK – I picked four websites I’d “try.” However, I realized a few weeks into this experiment – that this plain and simply doesn’t work for me. Why?

It’s brilliant at times – awful at others

Below is my pro/con list. This is stream of thought – and should be taken with a grain of salt. I just tell the truth from my perspective – make your own judgments!


  • Food delivery eliminates decision making.
  • Packaging is great.
  • Some dishes are spectacular.
  • A routine you can follow.
  • Relatively inexpensive compared to “eating out” each night.
  • Decent vegetable representation
  • A fairly good support group and methodology…


  • My god, you need to taste many dishes before you know what is “good” and what is “throw up.”
  • Some dishes are so small – airlines would laugh like school girls.
  • Some are so awful – I’ll be kind and leave it at that – spat out and in the trash bin.
  • No consideration for “large adults” with higher BMR.
  • Not as simple as I wished – a daily menu, and dozens of miscellaneous snacks, products, and so on – just killed the buzz. Too many “objects.”
  • I realized that it is not for me.

What I learned:

The most important thing I picked up on (in case I decide to continue) is – that you need to unpack the box at the ground floor. I struggled with this massive, bulky, heavy box – just to realize that there was a much smaller package inside. NEVER lug it up to a top floor walk-up!!

Some food is inedible. Not necessarily because it’s tainted – but because it’s not your taste. This type of program requires taste tests which is impossible unless you buy & try.

You might need more extreme measures than this. The food was interesting to say the least – but having many “ready to eat” items at your disposal doesn’t help “cravings….” Several days during this wacky experiment, I noticed that I cheated. The portions were so small for a man of my magnitude – that physics just prevailed. I was hungry – and ate beyond the printed schedule. These folks just don’t realize that some genetically superior individuals may partake in their program.

Lastly – you must “beta test” the food from these (and any other) diet program. Just by looking at their menu – or description – of their food, doesn’t guarantee anything!

The end result

I have to say that I failed on this diet experiment. It just didn’t work for me. The juicing didn’t (because it was complicated) – just as this didn’t. You’d say to yourself – “what is so complicated about food delivery?” – and I’ll tell you that dozens of miscellaneous items just makes this a pain in the neck, especially if it’s not tasty!

I recall a diet regimen I went on when I was back in corporate America – I incorporated those tasty Zone Bar in my diet for 90 days…. I lost like 40lbs.. It was extremely simple! That may be the next best try for me (as well as simply avoiding fatty food choices like pizza or burgers – plus eating slower).

Good luck with your diet (whatever that may be!)

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You’re a brave man, 411. A brave man.

And I’ll just leave it at that.


That food doesn’t even look edible!