Hoboken Week in Review – 7/19/2009


Back to (somewhat) normal!

OK, the fireworks spectacular is long gone, many of us are in “summer mode,” and the heavy-duty politicking is essentially over – so that means Hoboken is in “cruise control” mode. Not a bad thing by any means!!


So what made the most discussed entries for the week ending Sunday, July 19th, 2009?

Hottest general topics of the week

  1. BECK!
    A simple video post about a particularly “out there” TV host generated the most action of the week! Republican or Democrat – you have an opinion about Mr. Glenn Beck!
    An update about a badly injured Hoboken resident – and how one intersection is still in need of help. We need elections every month – it’s the only way some politicians seem to care about the community!
  3. BOARD!
    No, not sleepy – but rather fierce discussion about how our local school board is “handling business…”
  4. BUSTED!
    Local Housing Authority Commissioner is arrested for taking bribes to help those that will pad his wallet.
    Another (former) Hoboken employee is also busted once again – this time for “stealing” from taxpayers to pay her own overblown mortgage….
    Many residents in Hoboken demand a property tax reval – Hoboken411 shows you some of the headaches that accompany such a process…
  7. LESS!
    Hoboken Mayor Peter Cammarano announces a lower property tax rate – with more reductions to come!
  8. VIDEO!
    Speaking of the Mayor – he chimes in with a video segment about what’s to come in Hoboken…. plus a future 411 feature!
  9. PAPA!
    Many of you didn’t realize that Papa John’s delivered to Hoboken – most of you would never call them!
  10. SAUCY!
    Most typical squirrel entries involve nuts – Hoboken’s involves PIZZA – rock on!
    One drunk guy goes swimming in the Hudson – He’s arrested – some free country we live in!
  12. TWEET!
    An internet social phenomenon – do you use Twitter to stay in touch? Or do you think it’s disconnecting the “real world?”
    One local female decides to share her very personal body parts to the public!

Other Updates

Event Calendar

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Inspirational Quote of the Week:

“There is more to life than increasing its speed.”

– Mahatma Ghandi

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