ANOTHER car comes crashing down!!

Well, while I was retrieving my car tonight, a LOUD and HEAVY thunderous crashing sound surrounds me. I felt like the building was collapsing on my head!

Apparently yet another car met it’s untimely death at the Automated Parking Garage on 9th and Garden. I was in a hurry to get out of there, and luckily my vehicle made it out (I thought it was mine for real).

I didn’t have time to investigate what happened, but I wonder if anyone else has?

I’ll check more about this later. The HPU better have an explanation!

Editiors Note: After further talks with the Robotics staff, apparently, there was a slight miscalculation with the pallette that carries the vehicles, and there was a minor three foot tilt, which caused the one-ton tray to crash down. Since the vehicle had it’s parking brake on, no damage was suffered.

More details to follow.

HPU%20Garden%202 - ANOTHER car comes crashing down!!HPU%20Garden%206 - ANOTHER car comes crashing down!!HPU%20Garden%204 - ANOTHER car comes crashing down!!

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Tuesday, March 28, 2006 9:24 pm

Nothing gets the blood pressure up more than hearing you car meet its untimely demise. You dodged a bullet there.

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