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Quick updates about things in Hoboken and beyond..

  • MLS Soccer star (and heartthrob) David Beckham graced Hoboken with his presence before a game at the Meadowlands – by staying at the W Hotel.
    411 thinks: “Oooh – a famous sports celebrity may (or may not) be in that building!” Verdict: Would have posted if I had time.

  • Barack Obama was involved with a big shid-dig for NJ Governor (and Hoboken resident) Jon Corzine over at the PNC Arts Center.
    411 thinks: “All these people are gaga for this event – but the American taxpayer PAID for Obama to endorse a political candidate. How would you feel if Hoboken’s Mayor traveled around on your dime just to support one of multiple candidates? I’m sure you’d bitch about it.” Verdict: Double-standards and Obama is essentially being “worshiped” at this point!
  • Lastly – US News and World Report came out with their list of “Best Hospitals” in the country report for 2009-2010. The Hoboken University Medical Center did NOT make the honor roll. (The profile on the website was also broken…)
    411 thinks: “Really – I’m shocked our top-notch hospital didn’t make the list – especially with the fancy new Emergency Room! Verdict: Undecided.

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Hey, thanks for clearing up that scary plastic-boob image from yesterday, 411. David Beckham made it all better!

(Probably wouldn’t recognize him if he were walking down the street, though.)



Yeah, saw that news this morning. Someone living out GTA fantasies probably. Hiding out when the copter starts shooting…

Biffy B For Mayor
Biffy B For Mayor

I walked into the W last night, right behind him. I was there for dinner which was pretty good. Its worth a try!


Do you think Beckham would have tweeted if he was having $1 drafts with the regular folks at Green Rock? Haha!