The Cup Joint

8/15/2008 Update:

With the Cup Joint falling under new management a few months ago, it appears they’re doing some renovations/upgrades as well as possibly changing the name.

Note that The Cup Joint website now goes straight to the Doric Apartment website.

(If the name does in fact change, there will be a new entry created to give them a “fresh start” to distance themselves from the previous not-so-positive comments.)


See previous updates after the jump.


With attitudes like what one Hoboken411 reader below is about to tell you about, I wonder how this place stays in business.


The Cup Joint is out of control

“My friend and I went in for lunch last week with our two 3 year olds. All the tables at the restaurant were empty except for one other couple with a child at a corner table. No customers were waiting to be seated ahead of us. The entrance to the place is quite narrow with a service counter and stools. There were one or two people eating at the counter as well as some service people getting a large delivery ready. I ushered the 2 toddlers towards the empty restaurant in order to get them out of the busy entrance. They sat quietly at a table as we waited for our table and high chairs to be set up.

At this point the owner/chef notices us and states he will be with us in a moment and asks that we wait for him to he sets up our table. I said no problem, I just wanted the kids out of the way until we were set up.

He says again, No you have to wait you cannot sit there. I looked at him kind of incredulously and turned to the kids and said, OK we need to go back to the front door and wait now. At this point he got very hostile and said quite loudly , What is this the first time you’ve had to wait to be seated in a restaurant? I looked at him with an ironic smile and said I guess you don’t have kids. WELL, this guy exploded on me. Seriously, he looked at me and the two kids (who are still quiet as mice BTW) and said OK, you can leave now! Get out! He actually kicked me, my friend and our 2 kids out of his restaurant because I dared to sit quietly in the corner with 2 kids and not stand at the door. Even after my friend told him that she lives up the block and eats at his restaurant all the time and is just not beleiving this, he was adamant and of course we left. I was sooo shocked, this guy was seriously over the top hostile and scared our kids.

Just thought this may be of interest, perhaps to advise your readers that this is not a very kid friendly place despite the presence of high chairs and the casual atmosphere.”

See below for July 2006 review

Description – Restaurant serving American cuisine & breakfast. BYOB
Services – Breakfast, Sandwiches, entrees, pasta, beverages. Take Out, Dine In, Delivery, Catering
Website –
Address – 732 Jefferson St, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone – 201-222-2660

cup joint.JPG

July 2006

We meant to have an afternoon meal over at Anthony David’s, but it wasn’t 5:00pm yet, and we were unable to eat there! So we decided to truck over to The Cup Joint to see if it lived up to the hype that we’d been hearing.

They certainly had nice photography on their website. Doesn’t quite look that way now, does it?
quiet corner h - The Cup Joint

Upon walking in, the place seemed clean enough, with a counter area on the right and about 10 or so tables to the left. The kitchen was visible in the back. The seating was comfortable enough for tall people (high tables), but the huge iron base of the tables annoyed me greatly.
Looking at the moderate menu we first tried the famous Macaroni and Cheese dish that many folks have raved about. It had a pretty decent taste, but just didn’t do it for me. Wasn’t crunchy enough and more of a Kraft-like flavor. Not worth the money in my opinion.

cup joint mac and cheese.JPG

Next, we tried some of the sandwiches. But once again we failed to try their “signature dishes”, which were the pretzel sandwiches. We’ll have to hit those up on the next review.
Instead, we chose “The Diner”, which was meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and crispy onions, and the “Dixie Chicken”, which was chicken, swiss and bacon w/ BBQ sauce.

The Diner sandwich was a massive concoction that really needed to be eaten with a fork. Was pretty good, but took some getting used to. Didn’t taste like typical meatloaf, but was OK.

cup joint the diner.JPG

Next, the Dixie Chicken. I wasn’t in the mood for BBQ sauce, so I had it dry. Probably not a good idea since that’s exactly how it tasted. Dry. My bad. A total food ordering blunder on my part. DAMNIT. Mental note to self: Order the signature dishes next time!!

cup joint dixie sand.JPG

We had a little room left over and ordered the carrot cake. The slice was very large and the cream cheese frosting was plentiful. A good sweet way to end the meal.

cup joint carrot cake.JPG

The Cup Joint seems to be a fine place to eat, if you order the right things. The owners were friendly enough, and it appears to be a nice fit for the neighborhood, with not many other restaurants to go to. Some people have mentioned it was over-priced for what you receive, but you be the judge of that.

We’ll be back soon to try the more popular items to form a real conclusion about The Cup Joint.

Have you been there? What are your opinions? Comment below!

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I am not sure when the people posting actually went to the resturant, but I know they have had new ownership for the past few months. My experiences with the staff and the food have been great, but I was never really there before the change in ownership. Tiffany, ask for the owner Dave, I am sure he’ll make your burger any way you like. I hope they change the name and rid themselves of this nagativity I see on here.


I’d give the Cup Joint a 5/10. Not great but not horrible.


Yes I did speak to the owner, I sent the plate back and they comped it and offered me another meal which I did not take.

Sorry but I wasn’t going to eat anythng when a bug ended up on my plate and neither the cook nor the waitress noticed.

Two strikes for me and they are out.


I thought the food was pretty good for what it was, which was basically an upscale diner. I haven’t been since the new management took over. For years I’ve wanted to open a little place like this myself, except with more of an emphasis on local/farm driven ingredients. Once again good luck to Jaime and Frank and to the new owners.


[quote comment=”99847″]Danielle….
Its a dump with bad service bec I asked for a burger to be cooked medium to which they said they won’t do that, they only cook it well done, which I don’t like. They didn’t tell me this til AFTER my order was delivered to the table and was cooked well done.

The server could have told me when I ordered it medium that, its not an option there.

The burger was disgustingly overcooked and rock hard like a hockey puck. I let that one time slide and went back a few months later and ordered a turkey burger which arrived with a bug on the plate.

So any restaurant that blindly serves up bugs without checking the plates before they go out is a DUMP!

Just because YOU like it doesn’t mean EVERYONE does, so get over it…some of us think its a dump![/quote]

did you talk to one of the owners?

what did they say?