Board of Ed Meeting – 7/14/2009


“Goal Setting” session starts at 6pm; Regular meeting at 7pm.

Hoboken Board of Education Meeting tonight

LOCATION: Board Meeting Room; 1115 Clinton Street


  1. Goal Setting Session
  2. Appoint Interim Superintendent,
  3. Professional Service Contract Awards/Appointments through RFQ’s.
  4. Extension of 2008/2009 Professional Service Contracts.
  5. Renewal of contract exempt from public bidding [N.J.S.A. 18A: 18A:5a(19)].
  6. Personnel: appointments, transfers, postings, committee realignments, leave of absence, termination, resignation, retirements, suspensions, negotiations, retirement withdrawal request, reduction in force, increment withholding, and dismissal of staff personnel.
  7. Possible closed session discussion on potential litigation, negotiations, HSEA and Administrators, and personnel matters.
  8. Fiscal reports, school reports, fire drill reports, Board Committee reports.
  9. Possible discussion and/or action on the future of the school district’s facilities.
  10. Claims, regular and workers compensation.
  11. Approval of payroll.
  12. Procurement of goods and services through Cooperative Pricing Agreement.
  13. Grant funded salaries.
  14. Professional development workshops.
  15. Special Education tuition contracts – 2009/2010 – sending and receiving.
  16. Acceptance of Federal ARRA funds – SIA, Part A.
  17. Apply for Discretion Grant Funds – Reading First.

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Frances Rhodes-Kearns, what were you thinking when you signed the 2005 contract with David Anthony?


re: by state statute David Anthony does not now qualify for a pension.

18A:17-12.1. Secretary; retirement on pension; amount
The board of education of any school district may by resolution provide for the retirement on pension of a secretary of the board of education who has served in such office for 30 or more years on a part-time basis


estevens thank you. the contract is a specific one between the board and David Anthony. It certainly was irresponsibly agreed to by the BOE and may not be enforceable as it inaccurately states NJ statute. I won’t be too extensive here, but strongly believe the BOE needs to review this matter and expect to write a letter to them (assuming nothing more important comes up in the near future).

In response to estevens who said:


POED in post #85 said:

“In 2004 Mr. Carter, an African-American school administrator, filed a racial discrimination allegation against a major state educational agency.”

That is when he abruptly resigned as school supt of Ringwood NJ (July 2004) to spend more time with his family (Bergen Record).

I so far have not been able to find any more about Carter’s racial discrimination allegation and have no idea of there is any really relevant story here.

I don’t know anything about Peter Carter except he left Ringwood suddenly (real reason unknown) and left Plainfield because he (and the rest of his team who are now also in Hoboken) wanted more money from their BOE than they had agreed to when they took the job 5 months before. This stuff isn’t damning – but why not make it part of the public discussion?


If I had children of school age in Hoboken, I’d be looking after their best interests first, closely followed by the interests of other citizens and taxpayers. For parents with children who want a great education and want to stay in Hoboken I propose:

Form more great public Charter Schools especially for grades up through high school. Offer jobs in these schools to the best teachers available – particularly teachers in Hoboken who will be forced out by union priorities as enrollment in public schools further declines.

Do the utmost to enable any parent who is concerned with their children’s education to be able to send them to the best schools, charter or otherwise.

Eliminate or reduce funding for all unnecessary public school programs that don’t give a child a better chance in the lives they will face as adults. Terminate highly paid staff in public schools as much as possible as long as there is no negative impact on educational results. Try to remove the least effective teachers while retaining the best even when the union fights this.