Mangia Hoboken! Food Tours

7/20/2009 Update:

Melissa Abernathy (of the Hoboken Historical Museum) attended this past weekends “Mangia Hoboken!” food tour – and shares some photos and comments:

Fun “behind the scenes” tour!

“I went along with on the inaugural food tour and thought I’d share my impressions & photos. I’ve never taken a food tour, but the experience blew me away. All the food establishments were very welcoming, we had behind-the-scenes demos and food-tastings at all of them, and even though I’ve lived here 20 years, I learned a thing or two. Plus, I ate so much that I couldn’t even touch the cannoli (!!) at Carlo’s. And trust me, I wanted to.

One of the photos is of Carlo’s famous super-realistic looking theme cakes – a shoe & handbag. It’s all edible. Wow.”



New to Hoboken? Or do you still need a little education about Hoboken food and culture? Want to bring your out-of-town friends and family on a fun tour?

Well Mangia Hoboken!, the first weekly Hoboken Food & Culture Tour – may just meet your criteria!


New weekly guided walking tours arrive

“Hoboken Tours announces Mangia Hoboken! The Hoboken Food & Culture Tour. “We offer a weekly walking tour for small groups that features a behind-the-scenes look at the world-class food establishments which highlight historic Hoboken’s Italian heritage,” said Tour Director Avi Ohring. “The tour will focus on family-owned businesses, where everything is still made by hand and you have a good chance of running into the owner. Compared to New York City food tours given in Little Italy or the Lower East Side, people will find this tour to be a more authentic experience.”

Highlights of the tour include Carlo’s City Hall Bake Shop, home of “Cake Boss,” the hit series seen weekly on TLC. Two of Hoboken’s wholesale Italian bread bakeries will be featured, as well as a few establishments where fresh mozzarella cheese is handmade daily. There will also be stops at points of local historical interest such as the site of Frank Sinatra’s childhood home.

Tours will depart Saturday afternoon at 2pm from the Hoboken PATH station. The tour is about three hours in length and the $40 cost includes all food samples. To celebrate the tour kick-off date of Saturday, July 18, an introductory tour price of $20 will be offered.

Avi Ohring has been a Hoboken resident since 1986. As a lifetime member of the Hoboken Historical Society he has led numerous Hoboken House and Hoboken Secret Garden Tours.”

To get in touch with Avi, you can email him at – or call 201-653-1500.

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I like eating and walking. Eating while walking also works.


Only if you inhale your food, stuff yourself and immediately go for a walk.


Won’t all that eating and walking result in indigestion?