Court Street

10/24/2006 REVIEW BELOW!

Description – Restaurant & Bar – Fine dining. Zagat rated. Entrée price range $12-$22+
Services –
Dinner, Sunday Brunch, Private parties, Food – seafood, steaks, veal, pasta, duck, lobster, salads, Prix Fixe/Earlybird – 3 Course meal $12.50, Mon – Fri 4:30 – 6pm, Wine Tasting – First Tues of the Month 6 – 9pm.( see website )
Website –
Address –
61 6th St, Hoboken, New Jersey ( NJ ) 07030-4945
Telephone –
(201) 795-4515

court%20st%202 - Court Street

Court%20Street - Court Street

October 2006

We were in the neighborhood and hungry after walking for a few hours during the Hoboken House Tour this past weekend. So we decided to stop in for a quick review, especially since there has been lots of discussion about Court Street recently.

Was around 2:00pm, and it was modestly filled. Plenty of room and we had several seats to choose from. Sat along the windows across from the bar. They don’t have NFL Sunday Ticket from DirecTV, so one game (Jets) was on the several TV’s inside. The ambience was pleasant. The music was just subtle enough and the patrons weren’t loud. A comfortable time indeed.

Because we still had a few houses to tour, we made this quick.

My friend ordered the burger with a side of home-fries, and I had the “biggest” breakfast croissant with a side of seasoned waffle fries. Our waitress was unobtrusive and efficient enough. She brought us each a cup of fruit and a basket of scone-like bread.
court street starters - Court Street

Noticing that there were some discussions about the quality of the food here, the burger in particular, I got to taste hers so I could add my opinion. She said the burger was fine: “It’s a burger”. She ordered medium, and it came out a bit closer to medium-rare, but it was fine to me as well. I had no complaints really. Didn’t knock our socks off per se, but was just a basic dish prepared without serious fault. The homefries are flavorful by the way.
court street burger and home fries - Court Street

I had an enormous croissant with scrambled eggs, cheddar and bacon. The bacon was crisp as you’d want, croissant was lightly toasted and the eggs had a hint of buttery taste to them. I would have preferred standard fried eggs over scrambled, but I wasn’t offered the choice and I forgot to ask. Was still quite adequate. The seasoned fries were essentially pretty standard. Crispy, but not “spicy” as I’d hoped. But they made the grade nonetheless.
court street breakfast sandwich better - Court Street

Court Street is a reliable and consistent place to eat. I’ve never had a “bad” experience there, but I have yet to make a particular dish a “favorite”.

If any of you have some suggestions for a particular “must try” dish, please let us know!

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Thursday, November 26, 2009 11:01 am

I’ve always had good times and food at Court St.

Thursday, November 26, 2009 9:46 am

Happy Thanksgiving to all. Court St. is fine!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009 6:45 pm

Got this email from Court Street today:

Thanksgiving Weekend

Park on any side of the Street!
No Resident Permit Required!

Park Free at a Meter!
No Quarters Necessary!

No Enforcement from 6pm Wednesday until Monday!

Holy Turkey!!
Talk about a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I wonder if they confirmed that with the Police.

Monday, May 21, 2007 4:20 pm

[quote comment=”4469″]Why is everyone giving Lady such a hard time?

I appreciate her comments, because everyone here is saying the food is “good” – not “great”..and Lady said it was bad…
Why would she give it a 2nd chance?…and why would I want to try it now?

There are too many other dining options…

There is also no excuse for such poor service, and perhapsthe negative comment will be seen by the management, and hopefully they will step it up!

Rhody – i am shocked that you think we should only post positive comments here – What decade are you living in!?

I, for one after reading these comment, will never bother with this place.
Why pay good money for average at best food, being served by lazy unattentive staff?![/quote]
My problem with her original posts is that she called for a boycott. That is completely ridiculous and ruins her credibility for me.

Saturday, April 28, 2007 4:21 pm

I’ve had good experiences most times…
The only bad experience was when I got the 2 lobster special recently, something I used to get quite often. One lobster was really good, but the other one was dried out and obviously had been reheated. The waiter blew me off when I complained about it, so now I no longer take the chance of ordering the 2 lobsters here. If this had been my first visit to this restaurant, it would have been my last.

I’m not sure of his name, but the tall African American waiter is the best of all their wait staff, and I’m sure if he had been my waiter that day my problem would have been resolved professionally.

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