Readerpix: Multiplying Rabbits?

7/10/2009 “Friday Fun”:

Hoboken411 reader photo of the day – 7/10/2009

Hoboken411 reader “John Doe” sent in some photos of a “few bunnies” near 15 Church Towers in Hoboken earlier this summer…


While I thought it was cute, I filed it under the “post a little later” category – until I stumbled across this funny “related” news entry from yesterday:

Police say 334 bunnies found in NM woman’s yard

“RIO RANCHO, N.M. – A New Mexico woman with an affinity for rabbits has run afoul of the law after her rascally pets started multiplying like, well, rabbits. Rio Rancho police said Monday that Nancy Haseman was cited under an ordinance that allows five pets per household after an animal control officer found 334 bunnies hopping around in her yard.

The officer spotted the animals last month after a neighbor complained about rabbits eating her garden. Haseman says her husband rescued a rabbit 12 years ago after a neighbor abandoned it, then the couple began rescuing more bunnies. She says they kept the males separate from the females, but the males hopped the fence and things got “out of control.”

Haseman says the couple hoped to help the animals.

Rescue groups have found homes for about half the Haseman rabbits.”

I wonder if this will be the case next year when thousand of bunnies take over!


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Bugs: “Duck season!”
Daffy: “Wabbit season!”
Bugs: “Duck season!”
Daffy: “Wabbit season!”
Bugs: “Duck season!!”
Daffy: “Wabbit season!!”
Bugs: (reversing the flow) “Wabbit season!”
Daffy: “Duck season!!!”
Bugs: “Wabbit season!!!”
Daffy: “I say it’s duck season, and I say, FIRE!”


I saw a bunny on the lawn of the old closed church near there, I guess it is more common than I thought.


OK, OK. I’ll get them a place in Church Towers. Ice-cream. Whatever they want.